Question: Why I can't access websites?

Why I can’t access websites? First you need to check whether you Internet connection is up and also you computer must be connected to Internet properly. You can also take a look on how to make use of ping to troubleshoot network problem.

Also incorrect firewall configuration on router or the computer (Windows firewall, antivirus firewall, etc) can prevent you from access to websites, so you can just temporary disable it until you have solved this problem.

If you can ping the IP address of website but just cannot access the website, then most probably there is URL/domain name resolving issue. Use nslookup in command prompt (cmd.exe) to try resolving the URL/domain name, if it fails then you can try to use the following free DNS servers provided by OpenDNS:

If your problem is can’t access blocked websites, then you can try to use these anonymous proxy servers.

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