Simple Way to Connect BlackBerry to Wireless Network

How to connect BlackBerry to wireless network? If you want to know, keep on reading. It’s simple and easy!

Once you know the method, you can connect your BlackBerry to public WiFi hotspot or other wireless networks in just a few clicks, you will then be able to connect to your favorite websites, do instant messaging, tweeting, email checking or perform other Internet access activities.

You can even disable mobile network connection after connecting to wireless network and access to Internet, but the only drawback is that you won't be able to make phone call (this still needs mobile network connection).

I will use BlackBerry 9700 as an example here, you should always read your BlackBerry manual for more information and ensure that it’s equipped with wireless network connecting feature.

Before we start, let’s power on your BlackBerry smartphone and follow instruction below:

1) Press Menu button on BlackBerry.

BlackBerry menu key - connect to wireless network

2) Proceed to search through application list and press Manage Connections icon.

3) Make sure WiFi function is enabled, after that click on Set Up Wi-Fi Network option.

4) Click on Scan for Networks, it will then proceed to scan and show you those detected wireless networks. You should then select the network and connect to it instantly if it’s open network (no wireless encryption). If there is wireless encryption configured on wireless network, you will be prompted to key in the wireless encryption key (pre-shared key) in order to connect successfully.

Note: You can also use Manually Add Network option or Push Button Setup option (if this feature is supported on wireless router/access point).

5) Once you have connected the BlackBerry to wireless network, you can save it and connect to the same network easily next time. You can then surf Internet, download BlackBerry applications or perform other Internet activities even your smartphone is not connected to mobile network.

Note: You will also notice there is clear WiFi logo appearing on your smartphone's home screen after connecting to wireless network successfully.

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