Beware of Bluejacking and Bluesnarfing

Let’s learn more about Bluetooth security! They’re bluejacking and bluesnarfing that appear due to security flaws on Bluetooth technology! If you're not too sure what is Bluetooth, check this Bluetooth article.

What is bluejacking? It’s about sending unsolicited short message to other Bluetooth enabled mobile phone or other mobile devices by using Bluetooth technology and it’s basically harmless, but the person who received it might feel surprised and doesn’t know what has happened. You can learn more by checking the link here.

Ok.. Now let’s talk about bluesnarfing! Bluesnarfing is much more serious than bluejacking, it’s a type of mobile device hacking through Bluetooth connection. By just using some bluesnarfing tools (Bluesnarfer, Blooover) on mobile phone or laptop, you can detect and access those vulnerable mobile phones to view and download entire phonebook, calendar, real time clock, business card and other important private data without alerting the phone owner. Bluesnarfing is illegal in most of the countries and you can be charged for committing this offence, however it can be used for security auditing on mobile devices.

Sometimes people might ask what is bluebugging? Bluebugging goes far beyond bluejacking and bluesnarfing! This is an advanced bluetooth device hacking technique by taking control of other Bluetooth enabled mobile phones or mobile devices to make call, send short message, read and write phonebook, etc. This is not that common nowadays as most of the new mobile phones are built with much better Bluetooth security.

The conclusion: Please turn off the Bluetooth on mobile phone or other Bluetooth enabled devices when you don’t need it in order to minimize the security risks.

Before leaving this page, let’s take a look on this bluesnarfing a Nokia 6310i video!

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