Enforcing Bluetooth Security in Microsoft Windows

Let’s enforce Bluetooth security in Microsoft Windows to safeguard your computer! As you know you can connect to Bluetooth devices easily from laptop or computer as long as it supports Bluetooth, but just don’t neglect the security aspect of this technology.

Enabling Passkey for Bluetooth Connection

Remember to enable passkey (PIN) when you make connection to other Bluetooth device, so that the communication traffic will be encrypted and this improves the security. The passkey must be keyed in and matched on both communicating Bluetooth devices.

Here is an example to enable passkey in Microsoft windows when connect to other Bluetooth device by using Add Bluetooth Device Wizard.

passkey for Bluetooth connection

Enabling Only the Bluetooth Services You Need

As you know there might be several Bluetooth services available when you connect to other Bluetooth devices, such as cell phone, please only enable the services that you need in your Bluetooth device properties window. This is because enabling unused services will just increase security risks of your computer.

Here is an example, I disable all available services provided by my Nokia cell phone and only enable Nokia OBEX PC Suite Services.

Bluetooth services for Nokia E50

Disallow other Bluetooth Devices to Find or Discover This Computer

Remember to go to your Bluetooth Device’ Options tab and uncheck the box that allow other Bluetooth device to find or discover this computer.

That’s means only your computer can discover other Bluetooth device, so that can avoid your computer from discovered by other unknown Bluetooth device.

allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer

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