Tips to Solve Windows Cannot Find the Network Path Error

If you face Windows cannot find the network path error on your computer’s Microsoft windows when try to access shared folder of other computer, then you can take a look on following tips to solve it, most likely the problem is caused by simple mistake. Who knows.. :)

1) Test to ping remote computer and it should work if both computers are connected to network properly. If not there is network connectivity problem on local or/and remote computer. You can use ping to troubleshoot this network problem on local and remote computers.

2) Take some time to check and ensure there is no firewall blocking (it can be Windows firewall, ZoneAlarm firewall, antivirus firewall or other personal firewalls) on remote computer that you have enabled file sharing. If you want to use firewall on remote computer, you need to configure and permit file sharing traffic (i.e. port 137-139/445) to pass through the firewall.

Note: If you want to use firewall, you are advised to disable firewall temporary and test file sharing access until it works, after that only enable firewall and test the access again. This way will save you time on troubleshooting.

3) The other possible reason is maybe you did not enable file sharing correctly, feel free to have a look on file sharing articles in Windows 7, Vista or XP sections. Don’t forget to click and enable File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks on network card’s properties.

4) If you have done everything correctly and still can’t resolve this problem, then maybe the problem is caused by corrupted winsock catalog. In this case, you can reset winsock catalog and test again.

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