The Usage of Command Prompt

Command prompt is command line interpreter in Microsoft Windows, which is commonly used to administer your Windows OS by using commands only (no graphical interface). It’s easy to use, and so I like this tool!

Here is quick way to trigger this handy tool: Go to Start and then click run…, after that type cmd or cmd.exe and click OK button, after that this prompt will appear.

cmd.exe command prompt

What commands are supported? Type help and then hit enter key, it will show you list of supported commands.

command prompt cmd.exe in Microsoft Windows

To know the details of using the command, just type command ?, example ipconfig ?

command prompt cmd.exe help in Microsoft Windows

Here is an example of using ping to check the connectivity with other computer. If you see the reply from other computer, that means the network connectivity between your computer and other computer works fine.

ping in command prompt (cmd.exe)

Finally, would like to show you the usage of following common commands, feel free to check out more:

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