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Computer Networking Tips

Following are some computer networking tips. Have a look. You might find them useful… Computer networking can be fun....

How to Use PowerShell
What is PowerShell? Simply put! It gives you the capability to manage your computer from command line.

The Usage of Modem Router
Modem router is commonly used to set up home network with DSL or Cable broadband Internet but without the need of having stand alone modem.

Windows 10 Mail App Setup
Do you know there is built-in mail app in Windows 10 for you to set it up with your favorite email accounts? Check out this article to find out more.

How to Network Two Computers Using Dial Up Internet Connection
How to network two computers using dial up internet connection, so the dial up connection can be shared with other computer? It's not difficult to do it if you have network adapter on both computers.

Multiple Ways to Launch PowerShell
There are multiple ways can be used to launch PowerShell in Windows Operation System, and I will show you in this article.

Powerline Ethernet Adapter – Simple Way to Extend Home Network
Have you heard about powerline Ethernet adapter? Ha! This is simple and useful adapter that you can use to extend home network by making use of home's powerlines.

Sharing Internet by Using Connectify Easily
Yes! Sharing Internet by using Connectify software router easily! You can easily share your DSL or Cable, or even 3G/4G Internet connection to other computer, laptop or other mobile devices by using this software on computer.

Changing Remote Desktop Port in Microsoft Windows
This article will show you how to change Remote Desktop port from default TCP 3386 to any port number you want as according to your requirement. This might be needed if the default port is already used by other application on your network.

Quick Way to Configure DSL Modem in Bridge Mode
This article briefly explains how to configure DSL modem in bridge mode from a computer, so that the computer can access to Internet by using dialer.

Modem Usage for Internet Connection
As you know modem is common network device which is used to build connection from computer to Internet, but there are different types of modem available on market, and you might wonder about the difference between them. Check out more here!

Free Public DNS Servers from Google
Do you know Google also provides two free public DNS servers that you can use on computer to resolve domain names or URL, so that you can do website browsing faster and secure?

Wired Connection from Computer to Wireless Router
Thinking of having wired connection from computer to wireless router? Not too sure whether it can be done? The answer is it depends on your wireless router. If there is LAN port on your router, then you can do it!

Using KVM Switch to Control Multiple Computers from One Monitor
KVM switch, a useful small hardware device that is commonly used to control multiple computers from one monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Tips to Solve Windows Cannot Find the Network Path Problem
If you face Windows cannot find the network path error on your computer's Microsoft windows when try to access shared folder of other computer, then you can take a look on following tips.

How to Configure Router as Switch
How to configure router as switch? Most likely you will ask this question if you plan to expand you home network, and you have only extra Ethernet router but not switch.

Using Network Attached Storage to Store Data Centrally
Network attached storage is a network device that contains one or more hard disks, which is connected to network in order for you to store music, videos, images, documents and other important data from other computers.

Playing with Wake on LAN Feature in SoftPerfect Network Scanner
I will explain how to play with wake on lan feature (WOL) in SoftPerfect Network Scanner on this article.

Using SoftPerfect Network Scanner to Scan Network
Let's talk about SoftPerfect network scanner, a simple network tool that you can use to quickly scan your home network and look for active computer's shared folders and access to them.

How to Connect to the Internet Automatically by Using DSL Modem
Plan to have a computer that can connect to the Internet automatically by using DSL modem? If yes, then you should continue your reading.

netsh winsock reset - Resetting Winsock Catalog and Solving Network Problem
netsh winsock reset is useful command that you can use in Microsoft Windows to reset winsock catalog back to default setting or clean state. You can try this if you are having following Internet access or networking problems.

Easy File Transfer by Using Live Messenger
Let’s explore on how to do file transfer by using Live Messenger in this article if you have not tried it before. You will then able to chat with your friends and send the photos, documents and other files at the same time.

Connecting 2 Computers Directly by Using Special USB Cable
Do you think you can use USB cable to connect 2 computers and do file transfer? Most probably you will think about this when you need to transfer files between 2 computers without having Ethernet or wireless adapter...

Quick Way to Do IP Lookup
IP lookup (might refer it to trace IP sometimes) is useful to provide you additional information on the user, ISP, country or even detailed location of the IP address.

Quick Tip to use Remote Assistance via Live Messenger to Get Help
Here I will show you a quick way to use Remote Assistance via Live Messenger to get help from your good friend that you used to chat with, so that he/she can remotely view and control your computer and show you how to solve your computer problem.

Internet Speed Test How to
Internet Speed test! This is the test to measure your Cable or DSL Broadband Internet speed, so that you can check what's the actual internet speed and performance.

Anonymous Proxy Server - Surfing the Internet Anonymously
Here I will show you how to use free anonymous proxy server to do web surfing, so that can hide your computer IP and web surfing behavior.

Using SG TCP Optimizer to Improve Internet Speed
Not happy with your Internet speed? Is it too slow? Emm.. Let's use SG TCP Optimizer to improve Internet speed!

Quick Tips to Solve Network Cable is Unplugged Issue
If you see network cable is unplugged error after having a network connection between your computer’s network card and router/switch, then you can try following tips to solve the issue.

TEK911 Ip Config Tool - Ipconfig Command in Graphical User Interface
Just discovered this simple and useful TEK911 Ip Config tool that displays ipconfig output (IP, netmask, gateway, DNS, etc) on graphical user interface. You can take a look!

Using Wii LAN Adapter to Access Internet through Wired Network
If you have Nintendo Wii but with only wired home network, then you can just get a Wii LAN adapter to connect your Wii to wired network and access the Internet.

Local File and Printer Access on Remote Desktop Web Connection
Recently a friend asked me whether it's possible to do local file and printer access on remote desktop web connection, so that can copy files between both computers. The answer is Yes! You can do it!

What is My IP Address
What is my IP address? I was asked this question many times. Based on my understanding, sometimes they refer to the IP address configured on the computer, or the Internet public IP address (WAN IP) of the Cable/DSL connection. In either case, it’s pretty to check it on Microsoft Windows.

Using FTP Client to Connect to FTP Server
Let me show you how to use simple and free FTP client in Microsoft Windows to connect to FTP server, so that you can transfer or update files easily.

Wake on LAN: Quick Way to Power Up Computer Remotely
On this article, I will show you how to power up your remote computer in your home network by using Wake on LAN (WOL) implementation.

Quick Tips to Solve your VPN Problem at Home
This article will list down some quick tips to solve your VPN problem at home, so you might take a look if you are facing this problem.

Changing the Speed and Duplex Mode of Network Card in Microsoft Windows
Sometimes you might want to check or change the speed and duplex mode of network card in order to troubleshoot the home network access problem, such as slow Internet connection or no connectivity problem.

Free Way to Create Dynamic DNS
Dynamic DNS (DDNS)? This is a system that enables you to have dynamic IP address points to fixed domain name, so you don’t have to worry about domain name issue when the IP is changed as the domain name will point to new IP always. - 2 Easy Ways to Notify the DDNS Servers on IP Change
As we know that the DDNS servers must be alerted when there is IP change for dynamic DNS name, so that it will rematch the domain name to the new IP address. Here are 2 easy ways we can use to make it work.

How to Bring Xbox Online Connecting to Internet
Ever played Xbox online game over Internet? If not, that means you have not fully utilized the capability of this gaming console. Here are some ways to connect Xbox to Internet.

Monitoring Internet Speed Using AnalogX Netstat Live
AnalogX Netstat Live (NSL) is a simple utility that you can use to monitor Internet speed from home network, so that you can know the actual connection speed of Cable, DSL or dial up connection.

Port Forwarding How to
Port forwarding is a technique that you can use on router to allow the computers from Internet to access your home network’s servers that only have private IP. Sometimes it’s also call virtual server by some router vendors.

Computer Troubleshooting by Using NetMeeting
Some experiences sharing… Sometimes I will use Microsoft NetMeeting to help my friends to do some remote computer troubleshooting, so that they can save some money from calling the technical support.

Easy Way to Check WAN IP of Cable/DSL Connection
Easy way to check your cable/DSL connection’s WAN IP address by using MyWANiP utility and iGoogle gadget.

The Usage of Command Prompt
Command prompt is command line interpreter in Microsoft Windows, which is commonly used to administer your Windows OS by using commands only (no graphical interface).

Opendns: Safer, Faster and Smarter Free DNS Service
Are you suffering from poor ISP DNS service? Or your ISP's DNS servers are always down? Opendns!! Let's try it!

Xbox Network Configuration
Here is a simple guide on how to make Xbox network configurations.

What is The Usage of DNS
Have you ever wondered what’s the usage of the DNS (Domain Name System) servers set on your computer?

How to Use nslookup to Check Domain Name Information in Microsoft Windows
If you wish to know what the IP address is resolved from domain name, you can use nslookup command to find out.

Using ping to troubleshoot network problem
Sometimes if your network connection is down and you fail to access internet. You can use ping to troubleshoot the problem and then fix it. It is a program used to check whether a host is up and active on network.

Qcheck: Network Performance Measuring Tool
Qcheck is a free network performance measuring tool that developed by IXIA. It can also work as network troubleshooting tool to resolve home network problem.

Simple way to check IP address in Microsoft Windows
Wanna check the IP address in Microsoft Windows? Follow this simple way.

How to check MAC address of network card in Microsoft Windows
MAC (Media Access Control) address is the unique hardware address that is bind to your network card by its manufacturer. It’s also called physical address.

How to connect 2 Computers Directly Using Crossover Cable
How do you connect 2 computers sometimes for file or printer sharing? Ha! you only need 1 crossover cable and 2 network cards.

How DHCP Server Works
DHCP server is used to centrally allocate TCP/IP configurations to computers automatically without setting it manually. DHCP means Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. It saves you plenty of time to set up and manage TCP/IP network especially if you have a big network.

Popular and Common P2P File Sharing Programs
Looking for peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing programs? Most likely you have heard that the P2P program is commonly used to share movie, video, music and other files on P2P network, and would like to use it too.

Computer networking is not difficult... Visit this site again to check more on Computer Networking Tips!!!

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