Computer Security Tips

Welcome to this computer security tips section! If you are looking for tips about how to secure computer or improve network security, this is the right section!

I'm going to show you tips that can be used to secure your computer or network properly, so that to minimize the attacks from hacker, virus, worm or malware. Take some time to explore, feel free to come back to explore more, more articles will be added.

Enabling DNS Over HTTPS in Google Chrome
Enabling DNS over HTTPS in Google Chrome is pretty easy! Google Chrome does support this feature but not enabled by default, and still you can enable and experiment it.

Quick Ransomware Protection How to
Knowing about ransomware protection tips are important to protect and secure the data on your computer, and this could avoid you from paying the ransom should your computer is infected with this malware.

Securing Passwords with Password Manager
Password manager is good for you if you have too many different passwords to remember! It’s a cool software that you can use it to keep many different passwords for you, and you just need to remember a master password, which is the password used to access the password manager.

Easy Way to Check Computer Security Status in Microsoft Windows
This article explains an easy way to check computer security status in Microsoft Windows OS (Windows Vista, 7, 8, etc) in order to secure and protect your computer efficiently.

Enabling BitLocker to Secure Microsoft Windows
Enabling BitLocker in your Microsoft Windows OS is a good step to secure it especially if it’s installed on laptop or other portable devices that is easily to be stolen.

Enabling DNS Over HTTPS in Mozilla Firefox
Let's talk about how to enable DNS Over HTTPS in Mozilla Firefox in this article! Mozilla Firefox does support this feature and it's simple to be enabled!

How to Lock Windows Desktop when Not in Used
You should lock windows desktop when it’s not in used, so that it cannot be accessed by other users when you are away.

Quick Way to Use Windows Update to Keep Microsoft Windows Up-to-Date
You should always use Windows Update tool to update your installed Windows OS with latest security or software patches, so that to fix security holes or software bugs for better securing your computer.

How to Protect Facebook or Twitter from Firesheep Attack
If you have Facebook or Twitter account, then you should read this article to understand an easy way to steal Facebook or Twitter session and ways to protect it.

Quick Tips to Secure Android Smartphone
Let's explore how to secure Android smartphone, tablet or other devices properly in order to avoid it from being hacked!

Free Computer Virus or Worm removal tool in Microsoft Windows
Have you installed free computer virus or worm removal tool which is provided by Microsoft to scan and remove specific prevalent malicious virus or worm (Conficker, Sasser, Mydoom, Rustock, etc) on Windows computer? Let's find out more here.

Windows Defender Definition Update How-To
Please make sure Windows Defender definition is up-to-date if you use it to scan and detect spyware or unwanted software on your computer.

Real Time Protection with Windows Defender Antispyware
It benefits you if you enable real time protection in Windows Defender to protect your computer from spyware or harmful software.

How to Use Windows Defender to Protect Computer
Windows defender is free antispyware program provided by Microsoft to its OS users to detect and remove spyware and other harmful software.

Website Scanning Online for Safe Web Browsing
Several URL or website scanning online tools will be shown on this article to give you opportunity to check the website reputation and alert you in advance on the safety of the website before surfing it.

How to Use Free Antivirus - Microsoft Security Essentials
If you are looking for free antivirus software to protect your computer, then you sould consider Microsoft Security Essentials which is provided by Microsoft.

Beware of Bluejacking and Bluesnarfing
Let's learn more about Bluetooth security! They're bluejacking and bluesnarfing that appear due to security flaws on Bluetooth technology!

Safe Web Browsing by Using Web of Trust (WOT)
If you are able to know how trusted the websites that you surf or the reputation of websites real time, you will then avoid from doing web surfing on those malicious or untrusted websites. Question, is there a tool that provides the feature I mentioned? Yes, there is, it’s Web of Trust (WOT).

Enforcing Bluetooth Security in Microsoft Windows
Let's enforce Bluetooth security in Microsoft Windows to safeguard your computer!

Wireless Network Security
Here are some tips on wireless network security. Read and implement them in your wireless network. Wireless network security is important, don't overlook it!

Implementing Network Security
Implementing network security? Yep.. This is important! You need to know the ways to safeguard your network in order to minimize the risk from being compromised by hackers, worms, viruses and other intrusions.

Test Computer Security with Shields Up
Computer security is important!! Lets use Shields Up to do online security checking on every computers in your home network. It's free!!

Wi-Fi Hotspot Security Threats
You might heard a lot about wi-fi hotspot recently, or most probably you have been using it to access Internet to do some web browsing, email checking, chatting or on-line shopping. Although it’s easy to connect to hotspot, but do you know that it’s basically not secure to use this kind of service?

Wi-Fi Hotspot Security Tips
Wi-Fi Hotspot is dangerous! Don't simply connect to it! Here are some wi-fi hotspot security tips you can apply!

Useful Internet Safety Tips
Here I list down some useful Internet safety tips, so that you can use Internet with safety in mind.

Opendns: Safer, Faster and Smarter Free DNS Service
Are you suffering from poor ISP DNS service? Or your ISP's DNS servers are always down? Opendns!! Let's try it!

Beware of Dangers on Internet
Do you know there are many dangers on Internet? I think majority of us know about this. If you don't be careful...

Why do We Need Antivirus, Antispyware and Other Security Software
Why do we need antivirus, antispyware and other security software? It’s because the threats are from everywhere...

Windows XP End of Support - Security Tips
Windows XP end of support is real this time! According to Microsoft, Microsoft will officially end the support for Windows XP on April 8 2014, so that means those new bugs or security holes identified on Windows XP operating system will not be patched by Microsoft after that date.

Firefox - Secure and Better Web Browser
Don’t worry about your favorites, history and other settings if you are using Internet Explorer, the Firefox can import all of them.

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