How to Connect to the Internet Automatically by Using DSL Modem

Plan to have a computer that can connect to the Internet automatically by using DSL modem? If yes, then you should continue your reading. You can meet this objective by configuring DSL modem in routing mode with username and password for connecting to Internet automatically.

DSL modem in PPPoE mode (routing mode)

Here is the way to make it works:

1) Connect DSL modem’s LAN port to computer’s network card by using straight through network cable.

2) Read the modem manual, find out the default modem IP address, after that you need to set computer with the IP address in same network with modem, so you can access and configure it. As an example, if the modem IP is, I set computer IP as (you can set 192.168.1.X, X= number between 2 and 254), netmask as and gateway as

3) Open a web browser and key in http://DSL-modem-default-IP (example: into the address bar, after that hit Enter key.

4) The modem logon screen will appear, type in default username and password you found in modem manual. You will then log on to the modem management page.

5) Go to the correct configuration page by referring to modem manual, and then set the operation mode to PPPoE mode (routing mode) and provide username and password of Internet connection (provided by ISP). Here is an example:
configure DSL modem in PPPoE mode (routing mode)

6) The other important info for modem to work well is Virtual Path Identifier (VPI) and Virtual Circuit Identifier (VCI), you need to set these numbers correctly. If you get the modem from ISP, most likely it’s been pre-configured correctly. Here is an example:

VPI VCI for DSL connection

7) Also don’t forget to enable DHCP setting on modem, so that you can configure computer to obtain IP address automatically next time.

8) Ok, at this stage you have done the modem configuration, the modem should dial and connect to the Internet automatically. You can then access Internet from your computer.

Note: If you plan to have this modem connect to router (wireless or wired), you need to set modem in bridge mode.

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