Question: How to control bandwidth on wireless router?

Sometimes you might wish to control bandwidth and have better network application performance especially when you play online game or download big files in your home network, but not too sure how to do it.

Well, it’s not that difficult, you can actually check your router and see any QoS (Quality of Service) support on your router, and then configure it (based on game, application, IP, etc) if available to control the bandwidth. Read the router manual to confirm if you are not sure.

If you router does not support QoS, you can actually use some free 3rd party firmware that provides QoS feature. DD-WRT is one of the very popular 3rd party firmwares that have QoS and other additional features, can support very well on Linksys routers and other brands of router. You can install it on your router and use it to control bandwidth.