Deleting Wireless Network Profile in Windows 8

Deleting wireless network profile is simple and easy in Windows 8!

Sometimes you need to delete this wireless network profile if you face the problem for connecting to wireless network due to wireless network settings mismatch issue, most likely after doing some wireless network settings changes on wireless router.
Let's follow these step-by-step instructions on how to do it:

1) Click Desktop tile on Start screen in order to go to Windows desktop environment that you are familiar with.
Windows 8 desktop environment
2) Click the network icon on lower right corner of task bar area in order to show wireless network or other network information.
win8 show wireless network profile
3) On the networks list, you will be shown all detected wireless networks, right click the wireless network that you want to delete its profile and click on forget this network to delete it.

Note: Please be aware that only those wireless networks that you have connected before could have the profile created and allow you to delete it this way.
forget this network in Windows 8
4) Once you have deleted the wireless network profile, that wireless network will be shown in disconnected status and you could connect to this network again with correct settings, such as correct wireless network pre-shared key.
connect to wireless network again
Note: You could also show and delete the wireless network profile by issuing some commands in command prompt.

netsh wlan show profiles - This command will show all wireless network profiles saved on you computer, even those old wireless network profiles which are not detected by your computer now.

netsh wlan delete profile name="wireless-network-profile-name" – Use this command to delete wireless network profile.

That’s it! Hope you enjoy reading this article!
show or delete wireless network profiles
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