Question: What is the difference between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth?

Both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are wireless technologies that transmit data by using radio signal, the main difference between these two:

Wi-Fi is mainly used to provide wireless networking and Internet connection between wireless devices with bigger coverage and high bandwidth (such as wireless network to share Internet connection), whereas Bluetooth is normally used to provide ad-hoc voice/data transfer between mobile devices within short range and low bandwidth (voice transfer between wireless headset and cell phone or data transfer between PDA and laptop).

These are other differences between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth:

Apart from Wi-Fi adapter support on end device, additional hardware such as Wi-Fi router or access point is required to operate Wi-Fi network, however you can run Bluetooth network by relying on built-in Bluetooth adapter on end devices only.

It's much easier and faster to run Bluetooth network, but longer time and bigger effort are required to configure and operate Wi-Fi network. Let's don't forget we need to configure Wi-Fi router or access point to set up Wi-Fi network.

Given higher bandwidth and greater range are supported by Wi-Fi, the power consumption required on end device to run Wi-Fi is higher than Bluetooth too.

Limited number of end devices which is around 7 devices are supported by Bluetooth as compared to Wi-Fi technology (can support many more devices).

Wi-Fi network can operate in 2.4 GHz and/or 5.0 GHz frequency, but Bluetooth network typically runs in between 2.4 GHz and 2.483.5 GHz frequency band.

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