Enabling DNS Over HTTPS in Mozilla Firefox

Let's talk about how to enable DNS Over HTTPS in Mozilla Firefox in this article! Mozilla Firefox does support this feature and it's simple to be enabled!

What's the main benefit for enabling this DNS over HTTPS feature in Mozilla Firefox? In a nutshell, it will improve the privacy and security when you use this web browser for accessing different websites.

Let me share more here. As you know normal DNS queries, such as home-network-help.com you type in web browser is sent in plain text to DNS server, so that DNS server can translate it to IP address of web server and send the traffic to that destination server before your browser receive the data and display them. This plain text query data can be sniffed and captured easily by Internet service provider or other bad guys for web traffic tracking or malicious purposes.

With DNS over HTTPS feature enabled in Mozilla Firefox, still the DNS queries will work as usual but the query data will be encrypted and cannot be sniffed by others. This makes your web surfing activity more private and secure.

According to this Mozilla blog post, Firefox has begun the rollout of this DNS over HTTPS feature by default for US based users but you can still enable it if not based in US.

Let's quickly go through on how to enable DNS over HTTPS in Mozilla Firefox here:

1) First, open up Firefox web browser, click Open menu and click on Options.
Firefox options
2) Scroll down the options window until you see the Network Settings, go ahead to click on Settings...
Firefox network settings
3) In the Connection Settings window, scroll down and tick on Enable DNS over HTTPS. I would like to recommend you to use the default Cloudflare as provider (DNS server), else you can select NextDNS or custom (define your DNS servers).
Firefox enable DNS over HTTPS
4) Once it's done, you can check to see if DNS over HTTPS is working in Mozilla Firefox by visiting Cloudflare’s Browsing Experience Security Check. You can do the test quickly and see whether “Secure DNS” is enabled.
Cloudflare secure DNS checking
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