Free Public DNS Servers from Google

Do you know Google also provides two free public DNS servers that you can use on computer to resolve domain names or URL, so that you can do website browsing faster and secure? Well.. these servers can be used as alternative to your current DNS service provided by your ISP. If you are not satisfied with your current DNS service, you can try to use this and compare the performance.

You can enjoy following benefits by using these servers:

Speed up your browsing experience:

- Provisioning servers adequately to handle the load from client traffic, including malicious traffic.
- Preventing DoS and amplification attacks.
- Load-balancing for shared caching, to improve the aggregated cache hit rate across the serving cluster.
- Prefetching name resolutions, overcome the limits of conventional, passive caching and aim to serve the majority of requests out of cache.
- Providing global coverage for proximity to all users.

Improve your security:

- Securing your code against buffer overflows, particularly the code responsible for parsing and serializing DNS messages.
- Overprovisioning machine resources to protect against direct DoS attacks on the resolvers themselves.
- Implementing basic validity-checking of response packets and of nameserver credibility, to protect against simple cache poisoning.
- Adding entropy to request messages, to reduce the probability of more sophisticated spoofing/cache poisoning attacks such as Kaminsky attacks.
- Removing duplicate queries, to combat the probability of "birthday attacks".
- Rate-limiting requests, to prevent DoS and amplification attacks.
- Monitoring the service for the client IPs using the most bandwidth and experiencing the highest response-to-request size ratio.

Are you ready to proceed? Make sure you write down the current DNS server addresses before configuring Google Public DNS, so that you can revert the change later if something goes wrong.

So how to set it up? It’s very simple! What you need to do is to change your DNS servers information on your computer or router to and Here is the screen shot on changing the DNS setting in Windows XP.

Google public DNS servers - and

If you have problem going to above TCP/IP properties page, check out these articles on how to set DNS information in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista or XP.

If you want to learn more about this Google public DNS, check out this Google site.

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