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Firefox - Secure and Better Web Browser

Don’t worry about your favorites, history and other settings if you are using Internet Explorer, the Firefox can import all of them. You don’t need to remove Internet Explorer(IE) to use Firefox and you can just leave IE aside!

Here are some good features of Firefox:

Private Browsing
Firefox won’t save things like your browsing history, searches or cookies, but it will keep new bookmarks and files you download. Minimize the ability of hidden third parties from tracking your browsing activity across many sites.

Sync Firefox wherever you use it to access your bookmarks, passwords, tabs and more from any smartphone, tablet or computer.

Firefox Hello
Plan. Shop. Decide. Together. Instantly browse any web page with a friend.

Pop-up Blocker
Block annoying pop-up advertisements.

Phishing Protection
Warn you on fake website (online scam) that targeting your valuable and private personal information.

Spyware Protection
The hidden program installation will be stopped without your explicit agreement.

Tabbed Browsing
Forget about many web pages many browsing windows. Save time by viewing more than one page in a window.

Spell Checking
Spell checking on web-based email, blog post or other online posts.

So.. If you like it, then can download and try it today. Have fun..

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