Question: What to do if you forgot router password?

Forgot router password and failed to log on to router’s configuration page? I hate to be in this kind of situation, because you will not be able to view or change router configuration settings.

There are a few methods you could try to resolve this problem. First you should try to use the router default password to log on. Just flip over the router and check out if this default router password is printed on a sticker at the back of router. If not go through the router manual to locate the password. The other method is to go to this Router Passwords website to locate the default router passwords, it can be the router manufactured by Linksys, Cisco, Belkin, Dlink, Netgear, Trendnet, USRobotics, 3Com or other vendors.

The other method is to guess the router password to log on. You can also try with the passwords you normally use to log on to other IT systems, online services or web portals. You might be able to guess a correct one and get into the router configuration page after trying for some time.

If the above methods do not work out, then the ultimate method to resolve this problem is to reset the router back to factory default setting by pressing reset button for 30 seconds – 1 minute when it’s powered on. You are always advised to read router manual to understand the correct reset method.

After having successful router reset, you should be able to log on to router's configuration page by using default username/password and reconfigure the router. Probably you can have a look on this wireless router or wired Ethernet router configuration example to help you more.