Enabling WiFi Hotspot on Android Device

Do you know that you can enable WiFi hotspot on Android device, such as Android phone or tablet to share cellular connection with other computers or mobile devices? Yes, this is an easy way to share Internet connection in the situation where there is no other WiFi or broadband connection your devices can connect to.
This WiFi hotspot feature is called tethering too as not only it supports mobile Internet sharing via wireless connectivity, but also sharing through bluetooth pairing or USB connection with other laptop or computer. This functionality has been supported on Android device since Android version 2.2 many years ago.

One thing I've noticed is that the Android device battery will drain much quicker if it's activated with WiFi hotspot feature, therefore you should consider connecting it to power bank or power outlet if need to use it for long hours.

Without further ado, let me show you how to enable WiFi hotspot feature on an Android phone here:

1) On Android phone home screen, tap on Settings and then Other Wireless Connections.

Note: The existing connected WiFi network on Android phone will be disconnected after the WiFi hotspot is activated.
Android other wireless connections

2) Proceed to tap on Personal Hotspot to enable WiFi hotspot.

Note: Tap to enable USB tethering so that to share Internet connection to USB connected laptop or computer.

Note: Tap to enable Bluetooth tethering to share Internet connection to bluetooth paired mobile devices.
Android personal hotspot
3) Tap to Enable Your Personal Hotspot and you will be shown the default WiFi network name or SSID and also the WiFi password. These WiFi name and password are required for joining the WiFi network from other devices later.

Note: You can tap on Name and Passwords Settings to change the WiFi name and password settings. The supported security options for password are None, WPA PSK and WPA2 PSK, but WPA2 PSK is highly recommended as strongest option.

Note: Please note each WiFi or Personal hotspot allows maximum eight devices from connecting to it at the same time.
enable your personal hotspot on Android device
4) Once the WiFi hotspot is enabled, you can join the WiFi network and connect to Internet by selecting the WiFi hotspot name and keying in correct password from other devices (laptop, mobile phone or other devices).

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