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Thinking of setting up home network (wired or wireless network)? Yep.. You have come to the right place.

Do you think it’s hard to set up network? No, it’s actually pretty easy, what you need is some knowledge and right tools..

Here are some benefits for setting up network at home:

1) Share Internet Connection and printer with family members
2) Set up family discussion board or photo database
3) Set up network game party
4) Learn computer and networking knowledge

The most common home network is wireless network which allows you to connect computer to the network wireless, and so you don't have to worry about cabling issue. If you build your wireless network by using wireless equipments that supports 802.11n wireless standard, it can support network transmission speed up to 300Mbps. Mbps stands for Megabits per seconds.

If not, you can go for wired Ethernet home network setup although it's not that popular anymore, however you might choose this LAN (Local Area Network) technology due to its inexpensive setup cost and reasonably fast speed. The speed of an Ethernet can be 10Mbps (Ethernet), 100Mbps (Fast Ethernet) and 1000Mbps (Gigabit Ethernet).

Overall the basic equipments that you need for home network (wireless or wired) setup are DSL/Cable Internet connection, router and network adapters. If you have laptop comes with built-in wired network or wireless adapter, you will save some money here.

Note: If you are interested in wireless broadband Internet service, have a look on this wireless broadband setup article (good to be used in an area where DSL/Cable Internet is unavailable).

It's very straight forward, isn't it? So, ready to go?

This is pretty common wireless home network setup tutorial, you can take a look:

What is Wireless Network
802.11 Wireless Standard Used for Wireless Network
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Wireless Adapter Configuration in Vista
Wireless Adapter Configuration in XP
Wireless Network Security

If you still prefer wired home network setup, read these articles:

Home Network Introduction
Preparation on Setting Up Home Network
Physical Network Setup
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There is also a way to share Internet connection at home without using network router. The good point is, it’s not difficult. What you need to have is a Windows computer set up with 2 network cards, one connects to Internet and the other one connects to home network. Read following articles on how to share Internet connection by using Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing.

Internet Connection Sharing in Microsoft Windows
Windows 7 Internet connection Sharing (ICS) Host Computer Setup
How to Connect Two Computers Wireless in Windows 7
ICS Host Computer Setup in Windows XP
Setting Up Ad Hoc Wireless Network in Windows XP
Internet Connection Sharing - ICS Client Computer Setup
Internet Connection Sharing - Network Setup Wizard
How to set up Network Bridge in Windows XP

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