Question: What is infrastructure wireless network?

Infrastructure wireless network is the wireless network that contains wireless router/access point and enables other computers connect to it wirelessly. This is the common deployment to build a home wireless network.

In order to build up an infrastructure wireless network, the most common method is to set up and configure a wireless router which has built-in Infrastructure mode support and connect it to DSL, cable, 4G/5G or other broadband modem, so that to allow other computers, laptops, printers, TV, mobile phones, tablets or other electronic devices with built-in wireless adapter connect to it to form a local wireless network with Internet access.

If you have wired router on your network, you can also connect a wireless access point to it to enable wireless connectivity in infrastructure mode by configuring SSID, channel, wireless security and other settings.

The other type of wireless network is ad hoc wireless network that allows you to quickly set up wireless connectivity between laptops, computers or mobile devices to share files or information.

Usually the infrastructure wireless network is for permanent setup at home or office, whereas the ad-hoc wireless network is more for ad-hoc or temporary connectivity between computing or mobile devices, however the only minor drawback for infrastructure wireless network is that you need additional hardware, such as wireless router or access point to set it up.

If you are interested to build up a wireless infrastructure wireless network, check out this wireless network tutorial to learn more.

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