Wireless IP Camera Security

As you know wireless IP camera security is important given it can be easily accessed or compromised if overlooked. It has become so common and affordable nowadays for installing one or more wireless IP cameras on your home wireless network for different purposes, such as to monitor your kids, baby or pets, or to monitor and alert on any intruders.

Just because you have installed and made the IP camera works doesn't mean you have configured and secured it properly. These are some tips to help you for securing wireless IP camera:

Update Wireless IP Camera Firmware

Usually wireless IP camera vendor will release new firmware from time to time for fixing software bugs and patching security holes. In order to minimize your wireless IP camera from hacking, you should check and update the camera firmware when you configure it the first time and perform routine checkup for latest firmware update after that. I tend to do this firmware checking and update before configuring any settings when configuring the camera the first time.

Use WPA3 for Connecting to Wireless Network

As WAP3 is the best and strongest encryption among WEP, WPA, WPA2 and WPA3 encryption, therefore you should have set up your home wireless network with WPA3 encryption and this will allow you to connect your IP camera to this wireless network with WPA3 encryption.

If you want to learn more about how to secure wireless network, check out this wireless network security article.

Set Password for Accessing Wireless IP Camera Feed

Don't forget to set a strong password for accessing your wireless IP camera during initial setup! Most of the time it's not a requirement for you to set a password for accessing the camera feed, therefore people tends to forget about this and end up leaving their cameras open to the world for accessing (don't think you like this). Please also use a strong password which is composed of number, alphabet (upper case/lower case) and symbol if supported.

Please change default admin password if there is too for accessing the wireless IP camera as it's easy to find out on Internet. If you don't believe, check out this website to find out more.

Keep your Wireless IP Camera Local

In order to further minimize the security exposure, you can consider to configure your wireless IP camera on local wireless network only and not exposed to Internet through camera app. This means you can only access to your camera from your camera app connecting to local wireless network but not Internet, but might not be that appealing to some of you. If you are interested about this, you need to configure your camera to standalone or the AP mode so that it can only be connected and accessed from local wireless network.

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