Using KVM Switch to Control Multiple Computers from One Monitor

KVM switch, a useful small hardware device that is commonly used to control multiple computers from one monitor, keyboard and mouse. KVM = Keyboard, Video, Mouse.

If you have new desktop computer and another old computer (still using it from time to time) at home, but would like to avoid investing more money to get monitor, keyboard and mouse for each computer and save space, then 2 ports KVM switch is your choice to connect those computers to single monitor, keyboard and mouse, after that control them from that monitor.

KVM switch

This is very useful hardware that is commonly used in datacenter to control many servers conveniently and effectively. A simple 2 ports KVM switch can be used to connect 2 computers, but you can also get 4, 8, 16 or 32 ports switch to control more computers or servers.

How to use it? It’s very easy! Just connect a monitor, keyboard and mouse to the switch ports, after that connect the switch to all your computers’ VGA monitor, keyboard and mouse ports by using provided/built-in cables. Finally you can control different computers by hitting certain keyboard keys two or three times.

If you plan to get one, take a look on some KVM switches here. Please pay extra attention on supported cable types (PS2, USB, VGA, SVGA, etc) on this switch, so that you get the one that suits your existing computers’ port type.

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