Question: How to solve limited or no connectivity problem?

If your network card (wired or wireless) shows limited or no connectivity message, and you have connected your computer to the network, this usually means your computer fails to acquire IP address, netmask, gateway and DNS info from the router.

If you want to confirm, just type ipconfig /all in command prompt (cmd.exe) and see whether your computer is assigned correct IP address and other network info. If it shows IP 169.x.x.x, then it fails to acquire IP address. Here are some advices:

- Confirm DHCP setting is enabled and configured properly on the router.

- If DHCP setting is not configured on the router, then you can assign the IP address and other network info manually on the network card.

- Get the latest driver for your network card from manufacturer website and install it, after that try again.

- Upgrade the firmware of the router.

- If this computer is installed with microsoft Vista, then most probably your router does not support DHCP BROADCAST flag. You can disable the DHCP BROADCAST flag in Vista (enabled by default) and test again.

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