Quick Way to Change Linksys Router Password

Do you know how to change Linksys router password? If not, keep on reading! Changing the router admin password (especially the default one) will improve the security of your router, so that it can’t be accessed by others by using publicly known default router password.

If you don’t know the router’s default password and also don’t know how to change the password, you should be able to get this info from the router manual. Router manual is important if you are new to router, read it to have better understanding.

As an example, this is the quick way to do it on Linksys router:

1) Log on to router’s management page by using username and password.

Note: Here are some examples of default username and password of wireless router from different vendors:

Linksys default username:(leave it blank) password:admin
Dlink default username:admin password:(leave it blank)
Netgear default username:admin password:password

logon linksys router to change router password

2) Proceed to click on Administration tab, after that key in new password and save the changes at last. It’s simple and easy!

change or reset linksys router password, default router password

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