Windows 10 Mail App Setup

Do you know there is built-in mail app in Windows 10 for you to set it up with your favorite email accounts? Actually it has been set up if you log on to Windows 10 by using Microsoft email account (, Live, Hotmail), therefore you can quickly launch the mail app to find out if this is the case.

The beauty of this mail app is that it allows you to add more than one email accounts into it, therefore you can access multiple mail boxes through this single app. In addition, automatically you can make use of the calendar app for scheduling and planning different events too after adding the email account.

Let's follow step by step instructions here to add a Google email account to mail app:

1) Type mail in search box and click on Mail.
Windows 10 mail app
2) Ok, here you will get different options to add the email account. You can add the email account from, Office 365, Google, Yahoo, iCloud and even POP or IMAP mailboxes. Here I am adding a Google account to mail app by clicking on Google as an example.
email options
3) Key in the email account you would like to add and click Next.
email account
4) Of course you need to key in the password of email account too. Click Next.
5) Windows will then prompt you about requesting the access to your email account so that you can perform following actions through mail app in future. If you trust Windows with no concern, scroll down the window and click Allow.

-Read, compose, send and permanently delete all your email from Gmail
-See, edit, download and permanently delete your contacts
-See, edit, share, and permanently delete all the calendars you can access using Google Calendar
windows access to email
6) Proceed to provide a name for use in future email writing. Finally click Sign in.
Google sign in
7) Bingo! You have added an email successfully to the mail app and can proceed to read or compose email.

Note: You can add more email accounts to this mail app if you click Accounts in left panel.
google mailbox
8) Go ahead to click on Calendar icon in the bottom left panel to start managing events. That's it! Happy email checking!
windows calendar

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