Medialink MWN-USB150N USB Wireless N Adapter

Medialink MWN-USB150N USB Wireless N Adapter

The Medialink MWN-USB150N USB wireless N adapter complies with 802.11n (Draft 2.0), 802.11g, and 802.11b standards. This adapter meets the most state of the art speed and coverage standards available. Wireless transmission rates can reach up to 300Mbps. Employing MIMO technology, the MWN-USB300N has two internal Intelligent Antennas providing the ultimate in wireless performance, transmission rates and stability. Employs background features that automatically avoid channel conflicts.

State of the art security options include 64/128/152-bit WEP encryptions, as well as WPA/WPA2 and WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryptions. The included software utility QSS (Quick Secure Setup), allows users to quickly and easily setup wireless security.

This product can also simultaneously operate bandwidth intensive applications such as voice, and video. Applications using a lot of bandwidth that are sensitive to interruptions such as voice and video applications are given priority in order to assure quality. It also works well with other 11g and 11n protocol wireless products.

Offering the ultimate in simplified Wi-Fi installation, the installation utility of this wireless adapter was designed so even the most novice user can install this product quickly and with ease. Insert the CD, click "install software" and the utility will auto-detect your operating system and install the appropriate drivers. Then, simply plug in your adapter and begin enjoying the convenience of your wi-fi network. No need to worry about compatibility with existing routers or gateways as this product is guaranteed to be fully compatible with all other brands of 802.11n routers.

Important Specifications:

Device Type :
- USB wireless adapter

- USB 1.0
- USB 2.0

Wireless Network Standards:
- Draft IEEE 802.11n
- IEEE 802.11g
- IEEE 802.11b

Wireless Data Transfer Rates:
- Up to 150 Mbps

Security Features:
- Wireless Security Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA, WPA2), WEP (64bits, 128bits, 152bits)

Transmit Power:
- Max, 15dBm

Other Features:
- Microsoft WHQL Certification ensures compatibility with Windows OS.
- Supports PSP, WII, NDS with Xlink Kai for on-line gaming

User reviews on

Great Company with a Big Bang for your Buck product RSV November 11, 2009
I own a computer that utilizes Windows Vista (64 bit) and was not having success installing wireless adapters from two reputable companies. At this point I was ready to cut open walls and run the ethernet cable to my computer. I mentioned the problem to my computer geek cousin and he told me to purchase a medialink wireless adapter as it supports Windows Vista 32 and 64. So I googled the wireless adapter and found that Amazon carried it. So I went to and there it was in the medialink adapter's product information, compatible with Vista 32 and 64. At $29.99 ( $10.00 cheaper then the previous two adapters), I thought it was worth the risk. I recieved it two days later and proceeded to install the medialink wireless G USB adapter and again no success. At this point I'm ready to punch a hole in the wall out of frustration. I finally decided to contact Mediabridge to convey my dissatisfaction. The phone was picked up after one ring and a customer service person rerouted me to technical support. Technical support picked up after one ring and I'm thinking to myself, this is amazing, no machine telling me to push buttons. After running several test on my computer with technical support, I still was not wireless. The tech support person, who was professional and knowledgable, recommended trying their wireless-N USB adapter. He said Mediabridge will ship it out right away at no cost. I received the wireless-N adapter the following day (again,amazing). I install it and within five minutes I was wireless. The installation was a snap. I'm on the internet several hours a day and I haven't had any problems at all. I forget sometimes that I'm wireless. At the price Mediabridge is charging for their wireless adapters, this is a steal. Kudos to Mediabridge for backing their products and lowering my blood pressure. I recommend this product to anyone who wants a quality wireless adapter at a great price.

A rare find - a multi-OS Wireless N adapter! S. Lionel (NH USA) October 25, 2009
I recently added Mac OS X to my Windows Dell Mini 9. I had replaced the WiFi card in the Mini with an Intel 5300 which is great, but there's no Mac OS support. So I was on the lookout for an inexpensive USB adapter that supported OS X and Windows - if it was wireless N also, that would be a bonus. A couple of weeks ago when I started this search, I came up empty, but this time I found the Medialink adapter, which claimed to support Windows, OS X and Linux. I decided to give it a try.

When I received it I was upset to see that the packaging claimed support for Windows only, and the Medialink web site has only Windows drivers. But the instruction leaflet says that OS X and Linux drivers are on the CD and sure enough, they are.

Medialink claims that this is one of the smallest Wireless N USB adapters and I believe them - it's half the size of an Actiontec adapter I recently reviewed.

I first tried it under Windows 7. The driver installed nicely and the adapter worked, though I found the configuration utility confusing and could not figure out how to use WiFi Protected Setup (WPS). I did manage to create a profile typing the WPA2 key by hand and that worked. The signal strength was somewhat lower than the Intel card (with its three antennae in the netbook lid), which was understandable. Speed was excellent, though. Note that this is a 2.4GHz only adapter - 5GHz is not supported.

I then tried OS X. The CD contains drivers for several earlier versions of OS X, but not 10.6 (Snow Leopard). I tried the 10.5 driver and the installation appeared to hang after a while. However, when I rebooted and inserted the adapter, everything seemed to work. This time I managed to figure out how to use WPS and it connected with my router without problems. Unlike with an AirPort or some Apple-supported device, there's no indication in the menu bar that there's a connection, but the "Ralink Wireless USB" utility that launches when the adapter is connected confirmed it was there.

Medialink also includes a rather large desktop base with a hefty USB cable attached, should you want to use it. I tried it and it did work.

Pros: Good support of Windows, OS X and Linux (I suppose - I didn't try Linux), compact size, good performance Cons: Confusing configuration utility

Compatible with WD TV Live Alan Novitskiy "wrench monkey" (San Fancisco, CA) December 4, 2009
I purchased this adapter with high hopes that it would somehow magically work with my Western Digital WD TV Live, despite my knowing that it was an unrealistic expectation since the dongle comes with it's own drivers. At best, I was expecting to have to run some home-brewed firmware on the WD TV in order to get this to work. Lo and behold, I plugged it in and it was recognized within seconds. In under a minute, the box was connected to my network and I was streaming YouTube video to my upstairs bedroom. I was absolutely amazed.

This dongle is not yet listed on WD TV Live's supported device list, and I've found no previous posts or reviews confirming this compatibility. Hope this helps those looking at this for the same reason that I was.

Finally got it to work with Windows 7 64 bit Gerald Knauss (Michigan, USA) June 13, 2010
There are many horror stories of people trying to get their wireless adapters working with Windows 7 64 bit, this is one of those stories, but with a happy ending, eventually. I was looking for a new wireless adapter for my wife's computer, as the old one suddenly stopped working one day. It would sometimes resurrect itself like some little zombie, but would eventually return to it's grave, one time finally for good. Upon inspecting the fallen soldier I noticed some teeth marks in the plastic body. I believe that one of our cats had decided it to a chew toy. Hmmm. My wife's computer uses Windows 7 64 bit for it's OS. Having finally found an adapter that was receiving reviews of actually working with said operating system, I was willing to give it whirl since the price was right. Many devices on the market, wireless adapters in particular, "claim" to work with Windows 7, but upon further inspection they are only "compatible" or worse yet, just outright lying to your face that it'll work. The adapter finally arrives in the mail! Some reviewers claimed that you didn't need to use the install CD, just plug that little puppy into the usb port and it'll be right as rain. While I wanted to believe that, I used the CD anyhow. Didn't work. Make sure I read them right, for a Windows 7 install, didn't work. Checked the box the adapter came in, I don't see Windows 7 listed on the outside of the box; Windows 2000, XP and Vista but no Windows 7 listed on the box. Went back to instructions again. Yep, right there, they do say Windows 7 in the instructions, don't say if it's 32 or 64 bit, but Windows 7 none-the-less. I tried numerous ways of installing it, including several ways listed by other reviewers. Nothing was working. But when I checked the status of the device I did see that it was receiving some packets from the router, but that was about it. How could all of those other reviewers be wrong, especially the ones saying it working on their computer using Windows 7 64 bit? Maybe they wrong, maybe they thought they had 64 bit, but it was really 32 bit. Suddenly a little light went on over my head. Maybe it was a software conflict of some sort that was puking the install. I did an uninstall of the software, ensured it was removed from the device manager and rebooted the computer in "safe mode". Once I was logged on in safe mode, I "plugged the wireless adapter into the usb port" BEFORE installing the software. The software was installing, and I could see the USB light flickering like crazy and my hopes were high. Hmmm, why isn't the install finishing up? I waited and waited but the install seemed to be hung. Noooooo! I ended up aborting the install via task manager, but it must have been at a point where it was really done, but just couldn't finish up for some reason, as the wireless software was working fine now and I was able to connect to my router! Yipeee! Did another re-boot to get out of safe mode, and it still works just fine. Hope this helps someone else.

Finally! A product that works with Vista 32-bit & Verizon FiOS! Michael Cabrera (Los Angeles, CA) November 14, 2009
I recently upgraded my internet connection with Verizon FiOS. I am running Vista 32-bit OS and am aware of all the online connectivity issues with this particular operating system. When I was using high speed cable, my wireless connection to my PC was via a Linksys Wireless G USB Network Adapter. This USB Network Adapter worked fine until I got Verizon FiOS.

My router was changed from a Linksys Router to a Verizon UltraLine Series3 9100EM router. I could not figure out for the life of me how to get the Linksys Wireless G USB Network Adapter to get a high speed connection. I had no problems connecting, but the speeds that I was getting was actually dial-up speeds! My connection speeds were ridiculously 7kbps to 28kbps at most! Most websites were not accessible to me because of the long wait. YouTube videos were impossible to watch. Even sites like eBay took a while just to output the whole page if the auctions were picture heavy.

I decided to take a chance with the Medialink Wireless N USB Adapter. The installation was like cake. I removed my old USB adapter, inserted my installation CD, installed the software, plugged in my new USB adapter and at first I saw the same speeds of 7kbps to 28kbps for the first 5 to 10 minutes of using it. Then all of the sudden, I saw a tremendous spike! My speeds are almost identical to my pc that is directly connected to my router downstairs. I now have FiOS speeds that I paid for. Everything for my online experience is now lightning fast again.

Finally, a solution to having Verizon FiOS and using Windows Vista 32-bit OS! For anyone looking to connect a second PC to a FiOS wireless network, this is a great solution. Thank you so much Medialink!

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