Using Mobile Hotspot to Share Internet Connection in Windows 10

Windows 10 mobile hotspot feature makes the Internet connection sharing a simple task! It allows you to share a wireless, Ethernet wired, or cellular data connection of your computer with other computers or mobile devices.

Please note that in order to make it works, your computer needs to be connected to Internet and equipped with a working wireless adapter.

Without further ado, let's follow the step by step instructions below to make it works:

1) Go to Start and click on Settings to open up Settings window.
Windows 10 settings
2) Proceed to click on Network & Internet.
Windows 10 Network & Internet
3) Scroll down to identify Mobile hotspot and click on it.
4) The Mobile hotspot window will appear, go ahead to enable Mobile hotspot feature as shown below. You can then proceed to share Internet connection with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth method, and typically I do it via Wi-Fi method.

If you further scroll down the settings, you can click on the Edit to assign a network name and network password for this mobile hotspot, so that it's unique and secured.

Please note that if currently the wireless adapter of your computer is connected to wireless network for Internet access, this mobile hotspot is not going to work if you enable it on the same wireless connection again (you won't get any error message when enabling the mobile hotspot feature). This mobile hotspot will work if you enable it on the wireless connection and at the same time there is wired connection from your computer to network.

Note: A good password is composed of number, alphabet (upper case/lower case) and symbol.

Note: You can also click on this quick link to open the mobile hotspot configuration page too. :)
enable mobile hotspot
5) Once this mobile hotspot feature is enabled, you should be able to locate and connect to it after successful password authentication from other computer or mobile devices with wireless connecting capability. As an example, I managed to connect to this hotspot from my mobile phone as shown below.

Note: The Windows 10 mobile hotspot feature allows you to connect up to eight mobile devices to your mobile hotspot enabled computer.

Note: Please ensure your computer's firewall is configured to allow the mobile hotspot traffic to pass through, else it will not work as expected.
connected devices to Windows 10 mobile hotspot
Note: The other interesting finding is that an additional Local Area Connection will be created in Network Connections window once you have the mobile hotspot feature enabled.
Windows 10 virtual wifi connection
Note: On Desktop, if you click on the network icon on lower right corner you will be able to enable mobile hotspot quickly by clicking on it as shown below.
Windows 10 mobile hotspot
Note: Right click Mobile hotspot and click on Go to Settings if you want to go to mobile hotspot settings to do configuration.
mobile hotspot settings

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