Net Send – Message Sending Easily in Windows XP

Do you know you can use net send command in Windows XP to send message to other computers on the network? This is an easy way to send short message to other computer if Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger or other messengers are not allowed to be installed on your computer.

Here is step-by-step instruction to do it:

1) By default this messenger service is disabled in Windows XP with SP2, you need to start this service in order to send message. Just go to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> double-click Services, the Services window will appear, scroll down until you locate the Messenger service, then double-click on this service.

messenger service

2) You can set the Startup type for this service as Automatic (will be started automatically whenever you boot up the computer) or Manual (you need to start this service manually whenever you need it), after that click Apply. Also please click Start to start the service if it’s not started.

Note: In order to successfully send the message to other computer, this messenger service will need to be started on other computer as well, if not you will fail to send the message.

messenger properties

3) Ok! Now proceed to click Start -> Run…, type cmd and click OK to open command prompt. Here is the net send command syntax:

net send [computer-name/IP-address] [your-message]

4) Let say you wish to send a message to computer named David, just type net send David [your-message]. Here is an example:

net send

The following message will pop up on computer named David:

how to net send message

5) You can also send the message by using IP address, let say I want to send message to, here is what I type: net send [your-message]. Here is an example:

net send command

The following message will pop up on computer configured with IP

using net send

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