Using Network Attached Storage to Store Data Centrally

Network attached storage is a network device that contains one or more hard disks, which is connected to network in order for you to store music, videos, images, documents and other important data from other computers.

This is dedicated network storage that is used to store data as opposed to traditional method of storing data on computers. You might face slow computer or program performance when you computer’s hard disk space is almost occupied with data, but you can forget about it if you store all data on this network device. This network device is suitable to be used as centralized storage and conveniently accessed by family members or friends.

network attached storage

Before you use this network device, read the product manual and follow the instruction to install the hard disks, after that you are ready to connect it to home network.

The network connecting process is pretty easy as long as you have a network at home. Just use a network cable and connect the network storage’s Ethernet network port to router or switch port, after that power on this network device. It will then be assigned an IP address from your router (need to activate DHCP feature on router) or DHCP server, and after that you can start to access it from your computer by using the utility or program provided by product manufacturer.

network attached storage network to store music, videos, images, documents

Before purchasing, you might consider following features in order to get the one suitable for you:

- How many hard disks are supported?
- Does it support RAID1, JBOD or other redundancy configurations?
- Does it support 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet connection?
- Any USB ports provided on product?
- Does it support user disk quotas control?
- Can we configure read or read/write access for users?

If you are interested, take a look on these network attached storages!

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