Quick Network Status Icon Explanation in Windows Vista

Here is simple explanation on network status icon in Windows Vista which is shown in taskbar area.

This icons are useful to give you visual indication of network connection status of your computer.

1) Disconnected – The computer is not connected to network. It can either be no network cable is connected to computer’s network card or this computer is not connected to wireless network.

disconnected status in Windows Vista

2) Limited connectivity – There is problem for computer to connect to Internet or network successfully. Check out this limited connectivity troubleshooting tips to help you.

limited connectivity status in Windows Vista

3) Connected with access local only – You have no Internet access with this network status due to some network problems. Take a look on this access local only troubleshooting tips to solve this problem.

connected with access local only status in Windows Vista

4) Connected with local and Internet access – The best network status with successful connection to local network and Internet! You should not have any problem to access to Internet or other computers.

connected with local and internet access status in Windows Vista

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