Changing Network Type Easily with PowerShell in Windows 10

Changing network type in Windows 10 can be an issue as it’s not that straightforward to do it! In the past you could change it via HomeGroup but Microsoft just removed this HomeGroup feature (version 1803) in 2018 and so you might be wonder if there is other way to do it.

When you connect Windows 10 to wired or wireless network the first time, by default it will be set to Public network if you did not enable your computer to be discoverable to other devices on the network.

The issue arises is when you want to change it to other network type (such as private) as you just cannot do it in netwotk status window directly (in the past you can do this easily in Windows 7). Although you will be shown the existing network type, but you cannot click on it to change it.

In this case, the network type of my wireless network (link-network) is set to Public network in Network status (Settings->Network & Internet->Status) and I will show you how to change it quickly by using Windows PowerShell.
Windows 10 network status public network
Without further ado, let’s follow these quick steps to change network type in Windows 10:

1) Click on Search and type powershell, after that proceed to right click on Windows PowerShell and click Run as administrator.
Microsoft PowerShell run as administrator
2) Once the PowerShell window has appeared, type get-netconnectionprofile and hit Enter button in order to show the network type for the existing connected network. As an example here, the network type of link-network is Public.
get netconnectionprofile
3) Go ahead to use this command to change the network type:

set-netconnectionprofile -name "your-network-name" -networkcategory "public or private"

As I want to change the network type of link-network from Public to Private, therefore I issu this command and hit Enter button to change it: set-netconnectionprofile -name link-network -networkcategory private

Note: You can click on this set-netconnectionprofile if you want to learn more about this command.
Microsoft PowerShell change network type
4) Go ahead to issue the get-netconnectionprofile again, you will find out the network type has changed based on the command you typed just now. That’s it! You have done the network type change successfully in Windows 10!
Microsoft PowerShell check network type
Note: You will find out the similar change in your Network status window too as shown below.
Windows 10 network status private network

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