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How to Use nslookup to Check Domain Name Information in Microsoft Windows

If you wish to know what the IP address is resolved from domain name, you can use nslookup command to find out. This command is also useful to check whether the DNS servers configured in Microsoft Windows work well. If the configured DNS server doesn’t work well, the webpage will not be displayed on your web browser since the domain names will not be translated to IP addresses successfully.

Let's start! Just key in nslookup in command prompt window, you will enter interactive mode with > symbol. It also shows the DNS server ( is being used to serve me in this case (different DNS IP address will be displayed in your command prompt). You can then enter the domain name which you want to check its IP address. For example, enter and press Enter key, it will be resolved to In another example, will be resolved to If the domain name can be resolved successfully, that means the configured DNS server works well on your computer.

nslookup domain name or URL

Don't feel surprise that if you see multiple IP addresses share same domain name. Those domain names are usually popular domain names, such as,,,, etc. Usually the main reason of having multiple IP addresses is to load balance the user access to those popular websites.


If you enter invalid domain name, the Non-existent domain message will be shown.

nslookup - non-existent domain

If you receive DNS request timed out messages which are shown as below, that means the domain name is failed to be resolved at the time being. The DNS server might be down or not valid, in this case you should try to resolve the domain name by configuring other DNS servers on your computer. If you are not sure which DNS servers to configure, feel free to use these free DNS servers from OpenDNS or Google to resolve domain names.

nslookup - DNS request timed out

If you wish to check address translation by other DNS servers, such as your secondary DNS server, just enter this command server new-DNS-server-IP. I changed to DNS server


You can type help command to list down all available commands. At last, type exit if you wish to exit this interactive mode.

Overall nslookup is a useful command and you should spend some time to play with it.

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