OKN AX200 PCI-E WiFi 6 Wireless Adapter

OKN AX200 wireless adapter
The OKN WiFi 6 PCI-E card supports the latest 802.11ax technology, such us OFDMA, 1024QAM, Target Wake Time, peak data rates up to 2.4Gbps in 5GHz band, and up to 4X capacity improvement in dense or congested environments comparing to 802.11ac. With this PCI-E WiFi card based on Intel AX200 chipset, you can enjoy 8K movies, large file transfer, and smart home devices without dropped connections.

This AKN WiFi 6 adapter works with all current WiFi routers and backward compatible with 802.11a/b/g/n/ac WiFi standards. In terms of Operating System support, it's compatible with Windows 10 64-bit and Linux. It supports all PCI-E standard, PCI-E X1 slot has the best compatibility.

With its MU-MIMO technology, it effectively improves signal gain when multiple users are sending and receiving data at the same time which provides ultra-low latency and uninterrupted connectivity.

This WiFi 6 adapter supports Bluetooth 5.1 that provides 4x Range over Bluetooth 4.2, doubles the transmit speed for faster transmissions thereby reducing the overall power. This is ideal for connecting Bluetooth TWS Earbuds, headset, keyboard, mouse and other Bluetooth devices to PC and Desktop.

Important Specifications:

Device Type :
- PCI-E Wireless Adapter

- PCI Express

Wireless Network Standards:
- IEEE 802.11ax
- IEEE 802.11ac
- IEEE 802.11n
- IEEE 802.11g
- IEEE 802.11b
- IEEE 802.11a

Wireless Data Transfer Rates:
5GHz- UP to 2400Mbps
2.4GHz- UP to 574Mbps

Security Features:

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User reviews on www.amazon.com:

Works great but must be in PCIE-1 slot in motherboard Troy Jones (St. Johns, FL) December 2, 2019
I had a *very hard* time getting this card to work correctly in my PC, but with help from the manufacturer (UFON), I was eventually able to get it configured and operating normally. My symptoms were that the device would be recognized but not start up in Windows 10, especially after any configuration changes. I could sometimes get it to start normally and on a few instances it actually connected to my network, but would disconnect after 5-10 seconds.

The sales support staff at UFON responded within a day to my email request for assistance. They key piece of information they provided was that this adapter needs to be in PCIE-1 slot for compatibility AND since it is an INTEL-based card, it may have compatibility issues with AMD-based systems. Fortunately, I have an ASROCK motherboard with an Intel i7 processor. After switching the adapter to the proper PCI slot, configuration was simple. INTEL has good documentation for their driver software which also helps.

The card is now connecting on 802.11AC with no issues and I am getting a sold 585 Mbps connection which sometimes ramps up to 650 or even 866 Mbps. This is, of course, highly dependent on the distance to my Xfinity router. YMMV. The Bluetooth network features are a bonus, too!

If there had been better instructions or compatibility information, I would have given a 5-star rating, but since I was hours away from returning it back to Amazon, I dropped it down one notch. Very glad to be off of my old 2.4 GHz connection. Life is good!

Bluetooth isn't that great, keep that in mind Juan J. Rpl June 14, 2020
I got this one just because it also came with Bluetooth and I thought it was a good "just in case" thing to have. WiFi works great and I get the same speed using WiFi or the Ethernet cable so I'm pretty happy with that. Now, the bad thing, Bluetooth works great when you are close to the antenna but don't except a better than mediocre operational range. Things start lagging (Xbox controller, speakers, etc) as soon as you move just a few feet away from the antenna.

Giving it 4 stars because it was extremely easy to install and I really just wanted the WiFi so I cannot really complain about the Bluetooth signal.

Can't Get Max Speed (UPDATE) 2 WK UPDATE Daniel L Friessen January 30, 2020
I'm able to reach 574 on the 2.4 channel. But get passed 1.2GB on 5 channel. I have an Intel AX200 with the latest drivers. I tried every possible configuration. It took hours of searching but I found a post in a blog that said the 5g channel has to be set to a DFS selection to get the full benefit. I did that and got the max speed.
UPDATE: AX200 is so fast and works so great I bought a card for each of my laptops and both have the same great performance.

Trouble with 5ghz Arden May 3, 2020
Overall, it's a decent product, but the 5ghz band is really intermittent with this WiFi card. the 2.4 works as expected, but even after messing with the settings and trying all the listed solutions, I can only occasionally connect to the 5GHz network at my home. Half the time this card doesn't even see connection.

I haven't had any trouble with similar cards. Might be worth trying a different brand/make.

No need to run CAT 7 to the basement computer George Ellis February 6, 2020
Built a Light duty gaming machine for guest to use in the basement and needed internet access without running wires thru the walls and flooring. Worked better than expected providing almost the same speed as Cat 7 cableing. Installed Win 10 Pro and didn't need the driver disc since windows recognized the wi-fi card and loaded Intel driver.

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