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Opendns: Safer, Faster and Smarter Free DNS Service

Are you suffering from poor ISP DNS service? Or your ISP's DNS servers are always down? Opendns!! Let's try it! It's free DNS service provided by

Here are 3 main advantages of using this free DNS service:

1) It’s safer for you to do web surfing!! There is anti-phishing feature that would block you from accessing those phishing sites. The phishing site is a fake site that built to steal your personal information or money. You would receive following warning page when you try to surf a phishing site.

Phishing Site Blocked

2) Improve your web surfing speed since they keep real big DNS caches and also have good DNS caches network.

3) Correct spelling mistakes on-the-fly when you do web surfing. For example, would be corrected as If the DNS service fails to correct the spelling or the domain does not exist, it would display a search page with some pretty near result.

I’ve tried it and it really improved my web surfing speed at home and helped to correct my spelling mistakes. As for anti phishing feature, so far I haven’t got chance to experience it... But who knows when are we going to hit those phishing sites one day…

How to set it up? It’s very simple! What you need to do is to change your DNS servers information on your computer or router to and Here is the screen shot on changing the DNS setting in Windows 8.

Opendns Setting

Not too sure on how to go to above TCP/IP properties page? Check out these articles on how to set opendns information in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista or XP.

Once you have done the DNS setting change, don't forget to open a command prompt as administrator and flush the DNS cache as shown below in order to start using new DNS servers.

Flush DNS settings with ipconfig /flushdns

That's it! It’s free… Give it a try today...

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