Activating Personal Hotspot on iPhone for Sharing Internet

Why do you need to activate personal hotspot on iPhone? Any good reason for doing this? Yes, with this personal hotspot it can be really helpful to connect your laptop or computers to Internet when there is no other WiFi hotspot or network connectivity available nearby.
Personal hotspot is actually a router which provides network connectivity by handling the data sending and receiving for your laptop, computer, WiFi camera, Android phone or other mobile devices, so that these devices can communicate with each other or web servers on Internet. Simply put it works the same as the WiFi router you have at home.

In order to make it work, the iPhone needs to be connected to mobile network with data plan and the iPhone is running iOS 8 or later. This personal hotspot can be done on iPad with mobile data plan and iPadOS 8 or later installed too.

Enabling Personal Hotspot on iPhone

1) On the Home screen of iPhone, tap on Settings and then Personal Hotspot.
iPhone personal hotspot
2) On the Personal Hotspot screen, turn on the Personal Hotspot toggle switch as shown below.

Note: If you don't like the default WiFi password, tap on it to set a new WiFi password and don't forget about it as it will be used for connecting to this device later.

Note: Please note your iPhone name will be shown as WiFi network name for other device to connect.
iPhone activate personal hotspot

Connecting to Personal Hotspot with WiFi

It's straight forward to connect to personal hotspot with WiFi connecting method. Choose "Dave-iPhone" (my iPhone name) from the WiFi network list on your computer or other devices, after that key in the WiFi password (the one you set when activating personal hotspot earlier) when prompted to connect to it.
personal hotspot list

Connecting to Personal Hotspot with Bluetooth

To connect to iPhone’s personal hotspot with bluetooth you need to pair your computer or other device with the iPhone in order to make it work. No difference compared to how you typically pair blutooth devices and no password is required for this approach.

Connecting to Personal Hotspot with USB

You need to have iTunes installed on computer or laptop if you want to connect it to iPhone's personal hotspot with USB cable.

To connect with USB cable, launch the iTunes and connect the iPhone to the computer with USB cable, follow the instructions to trust the device and recognize the iPhone in iTunes, after that should be good to connect to Internet via iPhone's personal hotspot.

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