Qcheck: Network Performance Measuring Tool

Qcheck is a free network performance measuring tool that is developed by IXIA. It can also work as network troubleshooting tool to resolve home network problem.

Qcheck - Network Performance Measuring Tool

This program runs on any computer running Windows 2000, NT or XP. You can use this tool to test network performance using ICMP, TCP, UDP, IPX and SPX protocols. I think you can ignore IPX and SPX protocol as they are not so common anymore, unless you are using NetWare OS. Most of the time we only deal with ICMP, TCP and UDP protocol.

Qcheck Network

For example, you can install Qcheck (performance endpoint program built-in) on computer A and computer B, then start to do the network tests (response time, throughput, streaming, traceroute) between these 2 computers. During the testings, you can check the speed of your network, performance of your router and further understand the behavior of your network.

If you plan to do unidirectional test from computer A only, you only need to install Performance Endpoint program on computer B. This program works in the background to collect the statistics during network testing and display those results on computer A.

Overall, I like this network tool because it’s a simple and powerful network tool!!

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