Question: What is QoS (Quality of Service)?

QoS or Quality of Service is getting popular nowadays! You can find it on your router management page as well if it’s supported. So what is it about?

It’s actually a network mechanism to reserve the network resource (bandwidth) in order to provide better service and give higher priority to certain network traffic flows, such as online gaming, video conferencing, VoIP, Bittorrent and other bandwidth consuming applications.

In order to implement simple QoS on home or SOHO router, usually you will be given the choices to set QoS priority based on application, protocol, port, IP or Mac address, etc.

As an example, my old Linksys E1200 wireless router loaded with DD-WRT firmware supports following QoS functions:

-Set overall Downlink (kbps) and Uplink (kbps) on WAN or LAN/WLAN ports
-Prioritize network traffic based on TCP packet (ACK, SYN, FIN, RST, ICMP)
-Prioritize network traffic based on application or services
-Prioritize network traffic based on network interface (eth0, eth1, gre0, etc.)
-Prioritize network traffic based on netmask
-Prioritize network traffic based on MAC address of devices connected to network (laptop, desktop, mobile phone, tablet, etc.)

This image below shows you the partial QoS settings on DD-WRT router management page:

DD-WRT QoS Settings

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