Remote Desktop on iOS and Android How to

Let's find out about remote desktop on iOS and Android devices here! It's about establishing remote desktop connection from iOS or Android device to the remote desktop enabled computer, so that you can always stay productive.

This remote desktop app on iOS or Android device allows you to connect to those remote desktop enabled computer installed with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2016. You can click on this iOS app and Android app to find out more about the app functionality.

Ok! Let's start! These are step-by-step instructions on how to use this remote desktop app on iOS or Android device for connecting to remote desktop enabled computer:

1) Go ahead to launch the remote desktop app and to get started, add the remote computer that you want to connect to by tapping on that + sign on upper right corner.
iOS remote desktop app
2) Go ahead to tap on Dekstop
add new desktop connection
3) Tap PC Name to add the IP address or host name of remote computer as shown below. In the example below, I keyed in, the IP address of remote computer on my home wireless network.

Note:You can also set the username and password for logging on remote computer by tapping the User Account.
add remote desktop
4) Once you have added remote computer, it will be shown as a computer icon in the app and you just need to tap on it to connect to it.
5) You will be prompted to key in username and password if you have not added them earlier. Tap on Done after keying in username and password.
remote desktop username password
6) You will get the following request if you connect to this remote computer the first time to accept or reject the verification. Just proceed to enable Don't ask me for connection to this computer again. and tap Accept.
verify remote desktop
7) Yeah! You have remote connected to that computer successfully and here you can go ahead to do whatever you need to do on that remote computer.
remote desktop via iOS app
8) If you want to end the session, just tap on the three line button as shown below and tap on End Session.
If you have problem connecting to remote computer, likely it's due to one of the reasons below:

The remote computer can’t be found - Make sure you have the right PC name, and then check to see if you entered that name correctly. If you still can't connect, try using the IP address of the remote computer instead of the computer name.

There’s a problem with the network - Make sure your iOS or Android device is connected to network.

The Remote Desktop port might be blocked by a firewall - Check the firewall settings if it's enabled on remote computer and make sure it allows Remote Desktop traffic (default port TCP-3389)

Remote connections might not be set up on the remote computer - Follow this Windows 10 remote desktop article to enable remote desktop feature.

The remote computer might only allow computers to connect that have Network Level Authentication setup - Therefore check the setting on remote computer to find out and disable it if enabled.

The remote computer might be turned off - You can’t connect to a computer that's turned off, asleep, or hibernating, so make sure the settings for sleep and hibernation on the remote computer are set to Never.

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