Question: How to secure a wireless network?

It’s not difficult to secure a wireless network or solve wireless security concern! You can always follow the tips below to improve wireless network security.

Make sure the computers that you use on wireless network are updated with latest security patch and also are protected by antivirus and antispyware programs with latest signature set.

Go to management page of wireless router or access point:

- Change factory default username and password on wireless router. Default username/password is easily guessed.
- Change factory default SSID on wireless router. Default SSID is easily guessed too.
- Disable SSID broadcast.
- Enable WPA2 encryption as this is the most secure wireless encryption.
- Enable MAC address filtering.
- Disable wireless router administration by wireless client if possible, so that it can be done via wired connection from computer to router only.
- Disable remote wireless router administration from Internet.

If you need more info, take a look on this wireless network security article to learn more.

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