Quick Tips to Secure Android Smartphone

Let's explore how to secure Android smartphone, tablet or other devices properly in order to avoid it from being hacked!

As Android is getting more and more popular, there are increasing applications developed with virus or malware for user to install so that to compromise the smartphone and steal important personal or financial data. It’s important for you to understand the security concerns on Android smartphone and then take appropriate action to secure it.

secure android smartphone

These are some tips to help you to secure your Android smartphone:

- You should install antivirus or anti-malware application on smartphone in order to protect your smartphone by detecting and removing virus and malware real-time. Some antivirus applications also provide anti-theft feature that allows you to remotely locate, lock or wipe all phone settings when it’s lost or stolen. Example of pretty good and free smartphone antivirus applications are avast! Free Mobile Security, AVG Mobilation Antivirus Free and Lookout Mobile Security.

- Always download and install application from official Android Market or Google Play Shop only that is equipped with Bouncer program to scan and remove those malware added or infected applications if possible. If you want to download and install application from 3rd party, then you need to scan it by using antivirus program to minimize security risk.

- Review and assess the risk before downloading and installing the application. You should check what kind of permission (your personal information, messages, storage, phone calls, etc) will be given for installing the application and see if you are comfortable with it. Also only install the application which is developed by software vendor with good track record.

- It’s highly recommended to set pin or password to unlock phone screen from idle status, so that to protect personal data on the phone much effectively when it’s lost or stolen.

- Don’t simply click the link on webpage,SMS or email unless you understand what you are going to click. Your smartphone can be hacked and compromised when you click on malicious link. Stay alert always!

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