Sharing Internet by Using Connectify Easily

Yes! Sharing Internet by using Connectify software router easily!

You can easily share your DSL or Cable, or even 3G/4G Internet connection to other computer, laptop or other mobile devices by using this software on computer.

This Connectify software can turn your computer into a virtual router by leveraging “Virtual WiFi” technology that’s built into Windows 7 and up. Your computer can create a WiFi hotspot, even while it stays connected to another WiFi network. However, Connectify software is a lot more than just a wrapper around these command-line tools and it is a full suite of powerful routing software (NAT, DNS, and DHCP) that lets you share any Internet connection with any device that uses WiFi or wired Ethernet.

This is another way of Internet sharing other than using Internet Connection Sharing in Microsoft Windows OS. This Connectify software router is developed by, and you can find Connectify Lite (Free) or Pro/MAX version (need to purchase) on the website.

Connectify basic features:
-Work as software Access Point by sharing DSL/Cable Internet connection
-Share Internet from other wireless network
-Display connected computers or mobile devices
-Provide simple firewall feature

Additional Connectify features for PRO/MAX version:
-Real-time Network Usage Monitoring by Device
-Share Internet from 3G & 4G Networks
-Custom Hotspot Naming
-Firewall Controls for Connected Devices
-Wired Router Mode
-WiFi Repeater Mode
-Bridging Mode
-Custom DHCP and IP Controls
-Use on 3 computers at the same time

The software can be installed on any computer running Windows 7 and above, as well as Windows Server 2008 R2 and Server 2012.

Sharing Internet (Cable or DSL) by Using Connectify Lite

Connectify software router network

In this case I’ve a computer which is equipped with wired network adapter and also wireless adapter, and the wireless adapter is connected to Internet via DSL/Cable connection. I will then use Connectify software router for sharing Internet connection with other computers or mobile devices.

This is the way to do it on that computer with Internet connection:

1) It's pretty simple to configure this software as hotspot. First you need to select Internet to Share to share the wired or wireless network. In this case I shared the connected WiFi network (link-network). Next you need to select Routed Network Access mode. Proceed to define Hotspot Name (free version you can only define it as Connectify-XXX) and also the password for connecting to this hotspot later. Finally click Start Hotspot.

Note: In Routed mode, Internet traffic from connected computers (hotspot clients) will appear to be originating from this computer. In Bridge mode, the connected computers will appear directly on the source network that you are sharing (supported on purchased version only).

Note: The Wired Router and WI-Fi Repeater modes are supported on the purchased PRO or MAX version only.

use Connectify software router to share Internet

2) On other computer that you plan to connect to hotspot, you should configure TCP/IP on their local area connection to obtain an IP address automatically after connecting to this wireless hotspot. Those computers will be assigned IP address in the 192.168.252.x range and able to access Internet through this Connectify enabled computer (default gateway is

obtain IP address automatically

3) On that Connectify enabled computer, you willl be able to see the connected computer if you click on Clients tab of Connectify software as shown here. You will be able to find out the usage and speed of the connected computer too.

Connectify connected wireless client

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