Using Skype Wifi Phone to Make Low Cost Voice Call

Let’s use skype wifi phone over the Internet in order to make low cost voice call around your country or around the world! This is especially easy if you like to use Skype on computer to make call to your friend because it works almost the same on this wifi phone, but you can use it without turning on your computer, speaker and microphone.

Thy type of phone looks like cell phone, and can use it to make or receive calls after connecting it to wifi network at home or public hotspot. How to connect? Pretty easy! Just like how you connect you laptop to wireless network by detecting the network and key in the encryption key in order to join the network. If it’s Open wifi network (no encryption needed), the phone can connect automatically.

Skype wifi phone

Once your wifi phone is connected, you have to key in username an password to login to Skype, after that you are ready to make or receive calls. One thing you need to know is, Skype cannot be used as an emergency phone because it can't make emergency calls, such as making emergency 911 call.

In term of quality of the call, it depends on the quality of your Internet connection and quality of the phone itself. Usually an average wifi phone with average Internet connection (no P2P downloading, online gaming or other bandwidth consuming applications running) can give you quite good quality of call. If you are interested to buy one or learn more about this product, check out the skype wifi phones here. You can also check out cordless phones here that can be used to make Skype phone call as well.

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