TRENDnet TEW-421PC Wireless PCMCIA Card

Trendnet TEW-421PC Wireless PCMCIA Card

TRENDnet TEW-421PC 54Mbps Wireless PCMCIA Card allows laptop users the mobile freedom to connect at home, in the office or to wireless hotspots on the road. It complies with the IEEE 802.11g standard, making it backward compatible with 802.11b networks for assured compatibility as you roam between networks. Advanced WPA/WPA2 and WEP (64 bits, 128 bits) encryption are supported to provide secure access for your data. Cut the wires and move freely with TRENDnet 802.11g wireless products.

Important Specifications:

Device Type :
- Wireless PCMCIA card for notebook

- Notebook’s PC card slot

Wireless Network Standards:
- IEEE 802.11g
- IEEE 802.11b

Wireless Data Transfer Rates:
- 54 Mbps

Security Features:
- Wireless Security Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA, WPA2), WEP (64bits, 128bits)

Transmit power:
- 15dBm (typical) @ 802.11b
- 13dBm (typical) @ 802.11g

Receiving Sensitivity:
- 54Mbps 10% PER @ -70 dBm (typical)
- 11Mbps 8% PER @ -86 dBm (typical)

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User reviews on

cheap card with good reception, xp users MUST read matt.mingkee June 6, 2004
(...)I am using this card on old p3 laptop get good reception, and able to get up to 24M at low but xp users must read this upon installation, the system may install the driver automatically, the driver is WRONG! this is for PCI version, will not work on the pc card after installation, you must update the driver with the one comes with CD after that, it should be good to go and there's another benefit for 2 pc card slot laptop users: this card is thin enough to put another card on top of this

reception in kitchen
trendware: good to low
MS MN-710: low to very low

Recommended Ing. Antonio A. Gallardo R., MSc. March 19, 2005
I buyed 3 of this cards. They works fine in winXP with and without Service Pack 2. This cards are very cheap and works good. I connect them to a Linksys WRT54g. [...]

The card uses Texas Instruments chips. Seems like the chipset company don't support Linux. Hence, the card is not easily to install in Linux OS. You can find some web pages describing the linux instalation, but I had no time to do a try.

The non-Linux support is the only reason to give them 3 star. I will like to have a plug&play linux support as is the case of a lot of other cards.

Easy to install and good reception Gadget Girl "Alice" March 29, 2005
Received the card a few days after I ordered it from Amazon. After reading many reviews, I downloaded the driver from the Trendnet website instead of using the CD that came with the card. Unzipped and installed the files, re-started my laptop and inserted the card. Everything went smoothly and I was surfing the web in 5 mins. I read Gary's review about the card not working for his IBM Thinkpad and was skeptical at first since I am also using an IBM Thinkpad running Windows98 SE. But mine works perfectly and very good reception. Highly recommend it!

I have a Thinkpad that runs Win XP Home. I plugged this card in and installed the driver utility from the CD. Everything looked fine and the card seemed to be connecting to the access point but my speed never went over 1 Mbps. I use WEP security in my home network.

After 3-4 frustrating hours I had to go back to my 5 year old Lucent Orinoco 802.11b card. With the Lucent card I was up and running in 10 seconds.

My advice, spend a few extra dollars and buy Netgear, Linksys or any of the other well-known brands.

Was unable to use Jeffrey Smith February 12, 2004
I was not able to get this card working with my Win2K laptop. I'm no novice, have configured the rest of my wireless network without any problem, and have had a friend's Netgear card working in the same system. I called tech support and after working with me they said the card was defective and to send it back, which I did. However, I had the same problem with the replacement card. So, I can't recommend this product.

Excellent Card for the MONEY... Harold G. White January 3, 2007
You really can't go wrong with this card. The reception is excellent the price is awesome.

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