Connecting 2 Computers Directly by Using Special USB Cable

Do you think you can use USB cable to connect 2 computers and do file transfer? Most probably you will think about this when you need to transfer files between 2 computers without having Ethernet or wireless adapter. And, the answer is yes! You can do it! :)

However you cannot use normal USB cable to connect the computers, you need to get a special cable, which is called USB Netlink cable to do it. This specially made USB cable is equipped with network adapter capability that enables you to create simple wired home network to share or transfer files. The USB Netlink cable can support data transmission bandwidth up to 480Mbps and usually is USB 2.0 compliant (backwards compatible with USB 1.1 as well).

Special USB Cable USB Netlink Cable

How about the setup? Is it difficult? Ha! It’s very easy! Just plug the cable to each computer’s USB port, then it should be connected without any driver installation in most of the cases (unless you use very old Windows OS, such as Windows 98 or ME). That’s it!

Connect 2 PC with Special USB Cables

After that you are required to use a program that is provided by the cable manufacturer on both computers, so that can do file sharing and transfer. The program will usually provide you 2 file explorer windows that each represents local and remote computer, you can just drag and drop the file from one window to the other window to do file transfer. Here is an example:

Transfer or Share Files with USB Netlink Cable

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