USRobotics USR5411 Wireless MAXg PCMCIA Card

USRobotics USR5411 Wireless PCMCIA Card

The USRobotics USR5411 wireless MAXg PCMCIA card provides high-performance and secure wireless connectivity for laptop computers. Featuring exclusive MAXg™ Technology, this PC Card provides 50% greater range than standard 802.11g — maintaining solid connections throughout your home or small business while providing a MAXimum performance of 125 Mbps.

Important Specifications:

Device Type :
- Wireless PCMCIA card for notebook

- Notebook’s PC card slot

Wireless Network Standards:
- IEEE 802.11g
- IEEE 802.11b

Wireless Data Transfer Rates:
- 125 Mbps

Security Features:
- Wireless Security Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA, WPA2), WEP (64bits, 128bits)

Transmit Power:
- 18.4dBm

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User reviews on

Wireless Network Finally Complete! RRobin (Chicago, IL USA) October 24, 2007
Finally, with the U.S. Robotics Wireless MAXg PC Card (USR5411), my laptop is able to successfully tap into my wired network (via my U.S. Robotics MAXg Access Point)!

For some reason, my SMC adapter card would not function correctly with the U.S. Robotics access point. Duh, you say? I really thought cards, access points, routers were interchangable! The SMC card would sometimes access the U.S. Robotics Access Point but would cut me off, and most of the time, the card would receive a strong signal but not gain access to the network. An IT tech couldn't even fix it. Anyway, it's been smooth speedy sailing and seamless secure access with the U.S. Robotics card. Setup was a breeze.

Although U.S. Robotics isn't know for wireless equipment, and it was highly recommended that I purchase an adapter and card from a company known for wireless equipment (i.e., Netgear, Linksys, SMC or D-Link) the cost of the U.S. Robotics items is was what sold me and the name (all of my previous computers had U.S. Robotics modems (remember modems folks?) that worked reliably for years!

If you're in the wireless equipment market, seriously give U.S. Robotics network equipment a consideration.

works well Kamran Diba (New York, NY, USA) June 20, 2007
This wireless card is quite good, and its more compact than some other cards on the market. My only reservation about it is that you need to install their software to use it. I would have preferred it if worked instantly with pre-existing windows software.

Works great! B. Richardson "TvVoice" (Los Angeles) August 16, 2009
This PCMCIA card works as advertised and at a bargain basement price! No problems and easy installation. Great security, too.

Excellent R. Vigneault (Dumfries, VA) July 9, 2009
I was needing to match four other laptops so they all had the same card, found this one and the price was perfect!

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