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Windows Vista Networking Tips

The tips that I written here are all related to Windows Vista networking. Just hope that it would help you on solving Vista networking issues. Check out the tips now...

Quick Way to Monitor Shared Folders in Windows Vista
Just discovered a simple tool to monitor shared folders in Windows Vista! It’s called shared folders snap-in and can be used to list all shared folders, show the users...

Ethernet Network Card Configuration in Windows Vista
If you plan to do Ethernet network card configuration in Vista and add it to existing Ethernet home network, you have come to the right page. You will know how to do it after reading this article!

Tips to Solve Access Local Only Problem in Windows Vista
If you face access local only problem in Windows Vista and fail to access Internet or other networking devices on home network, you can try following tips.

Configuring PPPoE Dialer in Windows Vista
If you have no idea on how to configure PPPoE dialer in Windows Vista for accessing the Internet via DSL/Cable modem, you should read this article.

Using Windows Easy Transfer to Migrate to Windows Vista Easily
Windows Easy Transfer! This is a useful and simple tool that you can use to migrate Windows 2000, XP, or Vista computer to new computer running Windows Vista.

Simple Way to Disable IPv6 in Windows Vista
Do you know how to disable IPv6 in Windows Vista? Do you know it's enabled by default? It's pretty simple actually! As I know some might even want to uninstall IPv6...

Msg - Net Send Command in Windows Vista
Looking for net send command in Windows Vista? Too bad! This command is longer available in Windows Vista, however you can use msg command as replacement.

Using Remote Desktop Client in Vista
Check out this simple article on how to use Remote Desktop client in Vista in order to connect to other Remote Desktop enabled Vista computer.

Enabling Remote Desktop in Windows Vista
Let’s explore on enabling Remote Desktop in Windows Vista on this article. After you have enabling this feature, other computers can connect to this computer remotely.

Quick Network Status Icon Explanation in Windows Vista
Here is simple explanation on network status icon in Windows Vista which is shown in taskbar area.

PPTP VPN Client Setup in Windows Vista
Let me show you simple PPTP VPN client setup in Windows Vista, so that you can connect to XP/Vista PPTP VPN server in your home network from remote location (airport, library, office, restaurant, etc).

3 Simple Ways to Access Shared Folder or Printer in Windows Vista
Ok! Here I will show you 3 simple ways to access shared folder or printer in Windows Vista, the access methods are easy and straight forward.

Quick Way to Check Network or Wireless Adapter Driver Status in Windows Vista
Wanna to check the network or wireless adapter driver status in Windows Vista? This article will show you step-by-step instructions on how to do it.

Vista Printer Sharing How to
This is an easy article talking about Vista printer sharing through Network and Sharing Center.

Advanced Vista File Sharing
Advanced Vista File Sharing? Yep!! you will have additional features when you do file sharing.

Easy File Sharing with Public Folder in Windows Vista
File sharing with public folder in Windows Vista is a simple way to share file without manual enabling file sharing on all folders or files that you need to share. It's quick and easy!

Password Protected File Sharing in Windows Vista
In case you do not wish to let everybody to access shared folder, you need to implement password protected file sharing in Windows Vista, so that the user will be prompted to enter correct username and password before accessing those shared folder/file.

Enabling Simple File Sharing in Windows Vista
It’s quite easy to make it works, so that other people can access the Vista shared folder/file without the need to do user authentication from other computers in the home network.

How to Create Network Map in Public Network or Domain Joined Network in Windows Vista
Maybe you have noticed that Vista computer won’t display network map if connecting to Public network or domain joined network even after enabling network discovery feature, actually you can change it.

Enabling Network Discovery in Windows Vista
Network Discovery is new feature in Windows Vista and if you enable this feature, your Vista computers can see and discover other computers, other computers will be able to see this Vista computer as well.

Why I Can’t See XP computers in Windows Vista Network Map
Why I can’t see XP computers in Windows Vista Network Map? Sometimes the network map did detect and show the device but just don’t know how to place it or place it wrongly.

Configuring IP Address and Other Network Information in Windows Vista
In this simple article I will show you on configuring IP address and other network information in Windows Vista.

Mapping Network Drives in Vista
After many hours of failing to get my network drives to map I found 2 fixes, both worked for me.

Changing the Network Location Type in Windows Vista
What is Network Location Type of Windows Vista? This is the Windows Vista classified network that will enable certain network and security features based on types of network you choose.

Setting Computer Name and Workgroup in Windows Vista
Setting computer name and workgroup on Windows Vista is useful to identify specific computer in home network, especially when you try to locate shared folder/file.

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