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Windows Vista Wireless Tips

I will talk about Vista wireless networking in this Windows Vista wireless tips page. If you have wireless problem in Windows Vista, can take a quick look here:

How to Set Up Ad Hoc Wireless Network in Windows Vista
Do you think setting up ad hoc wireless network in Windows Vista is difficult? No no! It's not difficult.. Check out on how to do it here!

Wireless Adapter Configuration in Windows Vista
Let’s talk about wireless adapter configuration in Vista here! Configuring wireless adapter to join wireless network in Windows Vista is getting easier if you compare with Windows XP.

How to Prevent Vista from Connecting to Ad Hoc Wireless Network
Ad hoc wireless network is easy to set up since it doesn't involve any wireless router or access point, so you computer is potentially get connected to ad hoc wireless network in public accidentally.

Simple Method to Export Wireless Network Profile – Windows Vista
You might wonder what is the purpose to export wireless network profile, actually there are needs sometimes to export/import the network profile.

Using Windows Vista to Connect Wireless Network
Ha! Using Windows Vista to connect wireless network is getting easy and simple if you compare with Windows XP, so that you can connect to home wireless network or public network without more troubles.

WLAN AutoConfig Service in Windows Vista
WLAN AutoConfig service in Vista is actually similar to Wireless Zero Configuration service in XP that is used to detect available wireless network and manage wireless network profile.

Quick Way to Locate Wireless Network Profile in Vista
Do you know where is the location in Vista that you can view or configure the wireless network profile? The profile might be created automatically after you connected to new wireless network...

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