Playing with Wake on LAN Feature in SoftPerfect Network Scanner

I will explain how to play with wake on lan feature (WOL) in SoftPerfect Network Scanner on this article. This WOL is built-in feature of this network tool! If you want to know the common usage of this network tool, take a look on this SoftPerfect network scanner article.

Now let’s talk more on this wake on lan, it’s an implementation to let you to power up your computer remotely from other computer. You can only do this if that remote computer’s motherboard and Ethernet network card support the WOL feature! Check out this wake on lan enabling article to make sure the remote computer fulfils the requirements I just mentioned.

Ok.. Here is simple way to wake up other computer on same network if you know its MAC address. Run this network scanner, go to Actions and select Send Wake-On-LAN to … option, a wake-on-lan window will pop up, key in the remote computer’s MAC address and click OK to boot up that computer.

wake on lan in network scanner

wake on lan with MAC address

As part of program feature, you can also remotely shutdown or remote power off scanned computers. You can right click the selected computer and select these options (you can also locate these options under Actions drop-down menu).

remote shutdown remote power off computer

Here is window for remote shutdown option, it enables you to reboot remote computer, close all applications or display message on remote computer. You can use existing login or specific login account to activate it.

WOL reboot remote computer

Here is window for remote power off option, it provides you three choices to turn off remote computer. As usual, you can use existing login or specific login account to activate it.

WOL power-off remote computer

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