Wansview Q3S Wireless Indoor IP Camera

Wansview Q3S Wireless IP Camera
Wansview Q3S Wireless Indoor IP Camera is a 1080p pan and tilt camera that allows you to assess to your camera's video stream in no time. This is an ideal camera if you would like to see your baby and talk to him when outside home or know what happened in your house even in dark.

With this Wansview wireless camera, you will have access to following features:

Vivid 1080P full HD video: You can see crystal clear images with this full HD camera no matter in daytime or pitch dark.

Listen and talk to your home: With two-way audio function, you can hear and talk to your baby and family members at any time. When you get tired at work, open the mobile App to watch your baby is doing or your baby's smile which will let you forget all trouble. Take quick snopshots and record video to share the important moment to your friends.

Stunning night vision: Night vision up to 20 feets in the dark. Never miss out on any moment even at night. You will never be in dark. While light changes, the color of picture would switch automatically between color(black/white). Moreover,you can also disable the IR-LEDs at your own preference, so that it won't switch to black & white mode in a low light environment.

Wider view angle: Pan and tilt function with 4x digital zoom, keep eyes on the bigger space, you can set preset location for your reference.

Take lots of cute photos & videos: Wireless camera supports 4 person to view at the same time using Wansview app on iphone/android phone, PC and tablet. Capture special moments, and share with friends and family. The living stream can be accessed via iOS/Android mobile devices/ PC Software (Windows and MAC) and tablet. You have the direct connection with this Wansview Q3S wireless IP camera and its video won't be saved on any servers or forwarded by manufacturer.

Important Specifications:

Device type:
- Pan/Tilt & 4X Digital Zoom Wireless IP Camera

Indoor/Outdoor Use:
- Indoor

Viewing Angle:
- Pan: 350° & Tilt: 76°

Video Resolution:
- 1920x1080, 640x360

Wireless Network Standard:
- 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz
- Also it got one RJ45 port for wired connection

Wireless Security:
- 64/128-bit WEP, WPA/WPA2,WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK

Installation mode:
- Vertical, Wall Mount, Ceiling

- Motion Detection
- Infrared Night Vision
- Alarm Notification
- Two-way audio communication
- Cruise Vertically/Horizontally

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User reviews on www.amazon.com:

Excellent IP Camera and Price Mike Mullen October 2, 2017
I am very happy with this purchase. The camera was easy to install and took only about 5 minutes to get running on my Android phone. The Wansview application works very well. I had a couple of questions about some of the application functions and sent email to the Wansview support group. I got responses within an hour even though the company was on holliday. This is exceptional customer service. I purchased a second camera because this one is working so well. The quality of the images is sharp both day and night and the price is great.

Won’t Stop Beeping! Lorigail79 December 31, 2017
I wanted to love this- there are a lot of good things about it. Picture quality is good. Great actually. Night vision is great. I used primarily as a baby monitor and it was able to clip right onto the crib (solid side so no exposed cords or anything). But dammit every time the camera loses WiFi connection and is trying to reconnect, the camera beeps. LOUD three LOUD beeps that are essentially right above my baby’s head. I’ve made sure all alarms are turned off, there should be no setting set that would allow this to happen, yet it still happens every time. Sadly the WiFi disconnects occasionally (but not often enough to be that big of a deal) except for that damn BEEPING!! So.. this is going back and I’m going to search for another brand.

How can this camera have such high reviews but their app such poor reviews? AmazonMan January 1, 2018
UPDATE: 4/2018: I have to give credit to the seller. They reached out to me after they noticed my poor experience with the camera the first go-around. The seller wanted to make things right and offered to send me another camera. Their willingness to help out a customer speaks volumes of their company. It's because of that I changed my review from 1 star to 4. The camera itself is still limited by the lackluster app. I was able to connect to my internet but your wifi password can not contain and & symbol or exclamation point. I really feel this product would be a home run if they could give their app more attention. The app is glitchy and oftentimes wouldn't sync with the camera from time-to-time. This product has huge potential.

OLD REVIEW: I truly wonder about the other reviews on this camera. Please do yourself a favor and for all of these types of cameras, checkout the reviews on their apps. You'll need to download their respective apps in order to have the camera function. The disparity between the favorable reviews of these cameras and negative reviews of their apps is a head-scratcher. Makes you questions the validity of the some of the reviews for these cameras.

My experience was a really frustrating one. Got the cameras in as promised in time but that's where the good news stopped. The very next few steps were to download the Wansview App (2.6 star average as of 1 Jan 2018). Also, your wifi password can not have an & symbol or ! exclamation mark include the password or the cameras won't connect. I couldn't get my cameras to connect to my Wifi and I had enough. I couldn't do it anymore. It's a shame because the price point on this camera was great but the reviews make me wonder their authenticity with how poor of reviews their app gets.

Wansview - IP Camera's done right! Marco November 12, 2017
Nice clear picture, wide angle takes in my Great Room, Kitchen and Dining area. The Wansview v1.02 app works relatively well compared to a lot of other apps I've tried. It gives pan, zoom, and resolution change. It also lets you add as many camera's as you like without additional license fees that the unscrupulous are trying make money off of us. Its got a nice drag and drop feature, it searches for cameras automatically. I have 5 other Wansview 1080p W2 ip camera's that all show up nicely in the app. Plus they have iPhone/ipad version of the app that actually works. Wansview is an inexpensive way to get camera coverage on your home with the least amount of hassle and a low price. I connect the camera's with both CAT 6 and wifi....both work equally well on a decent network. I'm very pleased with the Wansview tech....they did it right.

Easy to setup, reasonable video quality Charles H. Griswold November 17, 2017
In a few minutes I had the camera working. The video quality is good. I updated my router to allow the camera to be accessed remotely. So far so good. The Android app works well. The PC app works well also. The web based interface requires the IE browser. The manual suggests using an IE add-on for Chrome to allow web access. I couldn't get this to work. Neither could i get through with the Edge browser.
Overall this camera is a good value. I would have given it a 5 if not for the IE requirement.

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