Website Scanning Online for Safe Web Browsing

Several URL or website scanning online tools will be shown on this article to give you opportunity to check the website reputation and alert you in advance on the safety of the website before surfing it. Usually you will be able to know how trusted is that website, any malware/virus infected on the website and some other useful information on the website by using these online tools.

No download and installation are required for using these tools, you can bookmark the websites that I’m going to recommend here and use them later.

URLVoid - I like the online website scanning service provided by URLVoid because it will scan the website by using around 16 online website scanning tools. It’s easy to use this free service, just copy or key in the URL (website address) into the box and click Submit Now.

URLvoid online website scanning for safe web browsing

This is how the scanning result looks like, you will find out several scanning tools are used for thorough scan, such as MyWOT, MalwareDomainList, Malc0de, Zeus Tracker, PhishTank, SCUMWARE, GoogleSafeBrowsing, SURBL, ThreatLog, MalwarePatrol, hpHoss, etc.

URLvoid website scanning result

URLvoid online webpage scanning result

WOT (Web of Trust) – Web of Trust is another reliable source for website checking online. It will check the reputation (how trusted and how safe of the website) of the website based on experiences of global community of millions of trustworthy users and also carefully chosen trusted sources, such as phishing and spam blacklists. How to use it? Just copy or key in the URL (website address) into the box and click on search icon.

WoT (Web of Trust) online scanning

How will the website scan result looks like? It will tell you the website score in Trustworthiness and Child safety categories. If you like WoT, you can also install WoT add-on in your web browser to scan every website you visit automatically as shown here.

WoT website scanning result

Google Safe Browsing site status – This is the one developed by Google. According to Google, this Safe Browsing technology examines billions of URLs per day looking for unsafe websites. Every day, Google discovers thousands of new unsafe sites, many of which are legitimate websites that have been compromised. When this site detects unsafe sites, it shows warnings on Google Search and in web browsers. You can search to see whether a website is currently dangerous to visit. What you need to do? Just copy or key in the URL (website address) into the box and search for it.

Google safe browsing

What type of result will be displayed? It's quite simple if there is no issue found as shown below.

Google website scanning result

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