Question: Are WEP and WPA encryptions secure?

No! These 2 types of encryptions (WEP, WPA) are not secure anymore, the encryption key can be cracked by using aircrack, kismet or other cracking tools that you can download from Internet. Check out this on how to crack the WEP/WPA encryption key.

I would recommend you to use WPA2 wireless security protocol, since it’s still considered more secure than WEP or WPA. Having said that, the encryption keys can be cracked too according to this article especially if you use default Pre-shared key or simple key.

If your wireless router supports latest WPA3 then for sure you should use it.

WPA3 is the latest wireless security protocol launched in June 2018 that provides more robust password-based authentication, even when users choose passwords that fall short of typical complexity recommendations. This enhancement is enabled via Simultaneous Authentication of Equals (SAE), which replaces Pre-shared Key (PSK) in WPA2-Personal.

WPA3 is resistant to offline dictionary attacks where a bad guy attempts to determine a network password by trying possible passwords without further network interaction.

Natural password selection: Allows users to choose passwords that are easier to remember but harder to guess

Forward secrecy: Protects data traffic even if a password is compromised after the data was transmitted. This means if hacker captures lots of wireless traffic and eventually able to crack the pre-shared key, but then still the hacker should not be able to decrypt and view the previously captured data.

Hope this gives you more ideas about wireless encryption protocol.

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